How Often Should I Get my Boiler Serviced?

A typical boiler would be serviced every 12 months. When a boiler is new you’ll probably find the warranty is invalidated if you don’t have it serviced regularly. That usually means having it serviced 12 months after it was first installed and then every 12 months afterwards.

Depending on the manufacturer, a warranty usually covers a five to ten year period.

Getting a boiler serviced isn’t just about safety either. Of course, you want to prevent issues before they arise and keep your boiler firing safely. But a boiler that’s well looked after and maintained on a regular basis will be more efficient and work better. That means lower energy bills for you.

Why is a Boiler Service Important

From heating water to heating rooms a boiler is a vital piece of equipment in a home. That’s why it’s so important to keep it in the best shape possible. A service can not only keep it working well, but spot potential issues before they become a major problem. It will also reduce the risk of gas related dangers such as carbon monoxide poisoning. A well-maintained boiler will also do wonders for your energy bills.

What A Boiler Service Should Include

Standard boiler services will include the following checks. It’s essentially to make sure everything is working and not dangerous. The engineer will advise you if any parts need replacing. When you have a service you can expect:

·         A visual boiler check, including looking at pipework. The engineer is looking for any cracks or leaks and to make sure all the controls operate and display properly. Smaller components such as fans and seals are also checked.

·         The engineer will also undertake a cleaning of important parts such as the heat exchanger and the burner assembly.

·         Gas pressure, flow and flue checks. These make sure the pressure in the boiler is ok and the water flow is as it should be. The engineer will also check the flue for any obstructions. A blocked flue can cause dangerous carbon monoxide to flow back into the room. In sealed boiler systems the engineer will also check the expansion vessel air pressure.

·        On restarting the boiler the engineer should do a final safety check to make sure everything is working as it should and there are no odd noises.

Most standard boiler services take around an hour.

Servicing Older Boilers

But I have an old boiler. What if there isn’t a boiler service near me who can help? 

It’s recommended to replace your boiler every 15 years. But boilers do last longer than 15 years and if you have a vastly much older boiler you may find an engineer unwilling to carry out a service.

Older boilers are often non-condensing types whereas modern ones are more efficient condensing models. If your boiler is really, really old, it may be that the parts (or even refurbished parts) are no longer available.

And from a legal point of view, the last engineer to work on the boiler has the burden of making sure it is safe. Don’t take it personally though. Engineers won’t service on new boilers that have a risk either.

Don’t Service a Boiler Yourself: Gas Safety

Only a Gas Safe registered engineer can carry out boiler checks. You should never attempt to carry out gas safety checks or a boiler service yourself. Other than invalidating our warranty, messing around with boilers without the proper knowledge is hugely dangerous.

Gas Safe engineers carry ID and you can also look for the Gas Safe logo when picking an engineer to service your boiler. Some companies and engineers specialise in particular boiler brands, so you could look for one that has the specific knowledge of your boiler type.

It’s also worth noting that a gas safety check isn’t the same as a boiler service. A gas safety check makes sure the boiler is safe to operate and fitted correctly to the wall and any pipes. A service and a gas safety check can be done at the same time.

Final Thoughts

A boiler is an integral part of your home and it’s important to look after it. Having regular services by professionals will keep your boiler working efficiently and working well for its lifetime. Regular services will also spot potential issues before they become expensive fixes. In return you’ll get years of hot water and heating at the touch of a button.

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