Cost to Repair Foundation Problems in Lansing

Discovering foundation problems in your Lansing home can be intimidating at first. You might not know what to do first. You might worry that your home is going to end up collapsing around you, or that the repairs will end up costing more than you can afford. The good news is that if you catch foundation problems early, you are likely not in danger of a collapse. The first thing to do when you find signs of a foundation problem is to take a deep breath and call a professional to come do an inspection. Let’s take a look at some methods of foundation repair in Lansing and the potential costs you might encounter. Click here to visit our Lansing foundation repair website.

Signs That Your Foundation is in Need of Repair

There are several signs of a potential foundation problem that you can keep an eye out for. As soon as you spot any of these, you should contact a local foundation repair company in Lansing MI and have them inspect your foundation.

  • Leaks or water damage. Despite the fact that basements are often thought of as damp, dark places, there should never be water in your basement. Your foundation may have cracks that are letting water through.
  • Visible cracks. Cracks in the foundation or walls that are larger than ⅛ of an inch should be inspected by a foundation professional.
  • Sagging floors. Many homes have a few squeaky spots in the floor, but if there are sags or dips, you may have a foundation issue. 
  • Doors out of alignment. Some shifting or sticking in the winter is normal, but if your doors refuse to open or close, this could also indicate foundation problems. 

Types of Foundation Repairs

There are a few different types of repairs, and each one works best for a different type of foundation. Note that the type of repair that your foundation needs also may depend on the extent of the damage.


Slabjacking is used when a concrete slab foundation becomes slanted or uneven. The process is fairly simple. Holes are drilled into the top of the slab where it needs to be lifted. A high-viscosity mixture, usually containing sand, limestone dust, fly ash, water, and other additives, is pumped underneath the slab to raise it. Once the foundation is even, the holes are patched over with cement. 


Underpinning is a more involved process that is used when a foundation has weakened to the point where it can no longer support the structure on top of it. It’s often used for homes that have shifted due to changes in the soil, erosion, and more factors that may affect the ground the foundation was built into. The basic idea behind underpinning is that strong materials are placed every few feet underneath the foundation to support and strengthen it.

Concrete pile underpinning is one common method that falls under the general “underpinning” umbrella. This method involves placing a concrete “pile”- generally a concrete cylinder a few feet high- under the foundation on either side of the wall holding it up. 

Typical Lansing Foundation Repair Cost

Now that you know about the different types of foundation repair, let’s get to the big question: how much does all of this cost? 

The cost of foundation repair in Lansing is close to the national average, with Lansing’s average sitting at $4,406 compared to the national average of $4,542. However, this cost will depend on multiple factors. You could end up paying more or less than the average depending on what type of foundation you have, what type of repair you go with, and how damaged the foundation is in the first place.

If your foundation is still structurally sound and all you need to do is repair a few minor cracks, your repair may cost as little as $500. However, foundation repair costs in Lansing can run up to $10,000 for foundations that are severely damaged. 

Factors that go into the cost of foundation repair include the current cost of materials, labor, the type of foundation, the size of your home, the extent of the damage to the foundation, and more. The best way to determine what the cost of your repair is going to be is to call a local foundation repair company for an inspection and estimate. 

Is Foundation Repair a Good Investment?

Though foundation repair costs in Lansing can be intimidating, it is a long-term investment in your home and the comfort and safety of your family. Foundation problems tend to have a ripple effect throughout your home. Doors and windows may begin to stick, cracks can form in your walls, and you may end up with water in your home. 

Is It Possible to Deduct Foundation Repairs On Your Taxes?

When tax season rolls around, we all look for as many deductions as we can find in order to save ourselves money. In the past, it was possible to deduct home repairs and improvements on your taxes, but that changed in late 2017 when Congress passed a new tax bill repealing that program. Unfortunately, it was only in effect for just over a month.

Today, repairs to your personal residence, including your foundation, cannot be deducted on your taxes. You can report those repairs on your taxes as a property improvement, but they are not deductions.

There are certain scenarios where foundation repairs might qualify as a tax deduction—such as if you work from home. For instance, let’s say you use 35% of your home as a home office. This means you can deduct 35% of the total cost to repair the foundation. This can get complicated, but you can find a great tax calculator online that can simplify this process significantly.

When to Walk Away Rather Than Fixing Your Foundation

Sometimes, the damage to your foundation may be so bad that you wonder whether it’s worth fixing at all. As a general rule of thumb, for something to be considered “beyond repair,” the cost to fix it must be higher than its value. It’s tough to determine the value of the foundation alone since it’s part of your house. However, if the cracks in the walls are beginning to go in different directions, the walls are noticeably bulging inwards, or your floors are sloping badly, it is likely that the foundation will not be worth fixing. Having a Lansing foundation repair company inspect the foundation will help you determine whether or not to repair it. 

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