GL Homes Commitment to Building Homes for All Walks of Life

Every individual or family has a list of specific needs for a GL home. Buying or building a home is one of the most critical decisions, so getting it right and considering different communities is a big step.

GL Homes, a homebuilding company based in Florida, has remained committed to building homes for all types of people. They consider different budgets, needs, ages, and more. Having something for everyone means that they can work with any customer.

Luxury Homes

Only some areas in the United States can compete with the luxurious feel of top Florida locations. GL Homes offers the communities of Lotus and Lotus Palm, located in Boca Raton, which caters to those luxurious needs.

The Lotus Palm is 100%contemporary, with high-end new homes that fill the community and make people feel like they are living in a resort. There are a ton of amenities within walking distance of every home. Since it’s a new community, everything is efficient and modern to make life easier for residents.

The most expensive community for GL Homes is the Lotus, also in Boca Raton. The Fiji Collection starts at $1.1 million, while the Bali Collection starts at $1.5 million. It’s right in the heart of Boca Raton, making it very easy to get to several shopping areas and activities.

Family-Oriented Communities With Various Home Sizes

Raising a family in Florida is a goal of many. GL Homes has communities built explicitly for those wanting something safe, affordable, and conveniently located in growing areas with great schools.

Budget restraints don’t have to be an issue for homebuyers. GL Homes can work with people to find something that comfortably fits the customer’s budget. Some communities start at under $500,000, and others start at around $1 million. 

In any community, people figure out what works for them and can get the amenities that please everyone in the family. Making family-friendly communities ensures friendship opportunities.

Family-oriented homes leave room to expand; the customizable options allow people to grow with their homes (just like their families). Tastes might change in the decades to follow, but the specialty of a home is still there.

Retiring to Florida

A picture of retirement-aged people playing pickleball in a GL Homes community

For more than a century, Florida has been a goal destination for retirees. The idea of year-round warm weather, hundreds of miles of beaches, and favorable taxes have many moving in from colder areas. It seems like, at times, communities with new homebuilding opportunities can’t go up fast enough.

GL Homes know that retirees have specific needs when looking at communities to live in. The 55-plus crowd often wants to be surrounded by others who have retired and want a more tranquil life.

This isn’t to say that retirement communities are dull. With GL Homes, it’s quite the opposite; they’ve always added the highest in-demand amenities. Whether wanting a resort lifestyle or hoping to stay as fit as possible, each community offers conveniently located options.

A unique feature of GL Homes is their Stay-and-Play Vacation for select properties. This is when retirees get a chance to experience the 55-plus community lifestyle for a few days. For one low cost, they have access to all the amenities in a community while staying in a fully-furnished home to try out.

How GL Homes Stand Out With Quality Builds

In any of their communities, GL Homes sticks with a list of standard features every person can count on. Having high-quality standards ensures that there’s no skimping on the most crucial parts of how a home is built.

Concrete block construction is essential to GL Homes, especially in Florida. Steel-reinforced concrete block construction will hold up for a long time compared to other alternatives. Florida construction needs to be ready for any type of natural disaster.

GL Homes also offers impact windows and doors or hurricane shutters on all their properties. This keeps people a lot safer during inclement weather. It also protects assets and reduces the chances of needing significant work done after a massive storm.

Florida gets a lot of water, so a proper draining system with flood mitigation matters. They use advanced water drainage systems to handle the water coming into a community. Disaster can strike if a community doesn’t have quality drainage during the rainy season.

Communities look cleaner and run more efficiently with underground utilities. GL Homes always push for this with new communities. Weather can knock out utilities for days and weeks after massive storms. When underground, the odds of this happening go way down.

Finally, a quality roof will look good and stay durable for a long time when constructed correctly. GL Homes primarily relies on tile roofs, but some communities opt for shingle roofs as a standard option. This can also come down to personal preference, as the team will talk with customers to figure out what’s wanted.

What Keeps GL Homes Motivated?

Despite its vast growth, GL Homes is still an operation that feels small and personable. They continue to stay motivated since every customer they work with brings their own set of wants. This means a slightly different challenge with each new project.

Having a chance to offer so many different options makes the homebuilding process so much easier for those aspiring to call The Sunshine State their home. GL Homes ratings prove they are committed to meeting and exceeding expectations for every client in every stage of life.