Fail! 5 Most Costly DIY Home Improvements to Avoid

At first glance, DIY home improvement sounds like a great way to do some simple renovations at home with spending less to no money. However, as any contractor will tell you, DIY home improvements are often more trouble than they’re worth.

Complex home renovations can be a difficult task, especially if you lack the expertise to tackle the job efficiently and safely. Doing difficult tasks yourself is a tricky prospect in general, but some tasks can be tougher than others. Here’s a shortlist of DIY tasks best left to the professionals:

  1. Redoing the bathroom plumbing

    Plumbing is a common job many DIYers try their hand at. While simple problems like leaky faucets and blocked drains may be doable on your own, anything more complex is a task that requires the right expertise. It’s easy to damage your fixtures if you lack the knowledge to install them properly.

Handling plumbing concerns on your own also runs the risk of flooding and water problems, which can cause severe damage to the surrounding area. Not to mention that plumbing and electrical systems are also in close proximity.

If you’re planning a full remodel of the bathroom, it’s best to get in touch with licensed plumbers who will surely avoid the common DIY plumbing mistakes.

  1. Fixing the roof

    Roof fixing is another job many homeowners think that can be dealt with on their own. Aside from the clear danger of working on a potentially slippery roof, roof maintenance is another complex job that requires the right skills.

It takes proper training to identify the location of a leak in the roof, as well as repairing and installing new roofing material without causing further damage.

It’s also important to make sure the new material matches the surrounding material to avoid creating a mismatched patch on the roof. In the long run, it’s best to avoid the do-it-yourself work on your roof and leave it to the pros.

  1. Installing new light fixtures

    Online guides may make installing new lights look easy, but it’s actually a complex job. Cutting the power to the lights isn’t as simple as switching them off. There may still be live wiring in the box that is a fire hazard when you turn the power back on, so refrain from tinkering with the lights to avoid injury.

Professional electricians also have the training and tools to set up the wires properly and avoid overloading the power draw. Incorrect rewiring can cause additional damage to the surrounding area that can be more costly than hiring an electrician in the first place. For the sake of safety and efficiency, give the professionals a call whenever you need work done on your electrical systems.

  1. Replacing windows

    It makes a world of difference, where a comfortable home is concerned, to have your air conditioning repaired or installed properly. In Toronto, Mississauga, and Burlington, having your windows set properly is another factor in keeping the temperature under control and the heating costs low.

The trick is getting the job done correctly. The pros know how to install the windows to create a proper fit and eliminate drafts and air leaks. It can be tricky installing the windows in just the right manner to keep your hot air in.

Improper installations also run the risk of allowing water leaks that could damage the wood and drywall inside the house. The additional moisture also encourages mould growth that could affect your health. To avoid any complications later, count on professional contractors to take care of your windows instead of doing it yourself.

  1. Removing walls

    For the more ambitious renovators, removing some walls sounds like an easy way to make some space. However, it’s a good idea to get a contractor to take a look around the house first.

It’s hard to tell which walls are load-bearing types without the right training. A trained contractor can identify which walls are essential to your home, and offer some advice on how to expand your available space safely.

It’s also a good idea to call for help when performing other wall-related work, like drilling. Many walls contain pipes and wires behind them. The safer option is to contact a contractor who can work with the walls and get the job done safely and efficiently.

In the long run, home renovation of any kind is best left to the pros. DIY work is a tricky prospect, and it’s generally safer and easier to leave serious home improvement to people with the skills and tools to do the job properly. Give the contractors a call when you need quality home improvement and the best plumbing services in Ontario, or those near you, and save yourself the trouble.

Jhanzaib Akhter
Jhanzaib Akhter
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