Best Time for Your Spring and Fall Yard Cleanups

Spring and Fall are pivotal transitional seasons. Many people have different ways of celebrating, and it is just as important not to forget your yard in the process. As a time of preparation and regrowth, knowing the best time for seasonal yard clean up can keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful.

Why Schedule a Fall Yard Clean-Up?

As the leaves fall on your grass and other plants, piles can build up that can negatively affect your lawn. If left unattended, the leaves and other debris can become impacted into the grass and deplete it of the sun, oxygen, and nutrients it needs to flourish. This will ultimately cause your grass and plants to die.

A yard clean-up crew will not only regularly remove dead leaves from your property, but they will also apply mulch to prevent weeds, fertilize your grass in preparation for Spring, and much more. This way, your lawn and plants are fully prepped to take on the Winter season and ready to blossom in the Spring.

Why Schedule a Spring Yard Clean-Up?

You may be wondering why I should schedule a Spring clean-up if I have already prepared in the Fall. This is because even though your property was prepared for the Winter season, that doesn’t mean it was completely unaffected. In fact, some may argue that Spring is the best time for a clean-up!

Debris might have blown into your yard, heavy snow and excess moisture may mean that your soil needs to be aerated, and dead grass needs to be thatched to encourage new growth. Think of a Spring yard clean-up as waking up your yard after a long hibernation!

When Exactly Should I Schedule?

It is wise to schedule both Fall and Spring yard clean-ups, as this will ensure that your yard is kept in great shape. 

For the Fall season, it is best to schedule a clean-up before the season begins and continue until Winter. It is not necessarily a one-time execution, as leaves continue to fall throughout the season. Your clean-up crew will also work to gradually take your grass down shorter, giving your lawn a fresh start come springtime.

For the Spring season, it makes more sense to have it done once, as the purpose is to clean up whatever was left from the Winter season. The grass is aerated and thatched, new mulch is put down, and garden bed edges are redefined for a more polished look.  Doing all of this helps prepare your soil for the busy growing season ahead.

Next Steps

Now that you know the importance of Fall and Spring yard clean-ups and when the best time to complete them is, you likely need a team of professionals to get the job done. Allow us to put Lassana’s Landscaping on your radar.

Located in Marblehead, Massachusetts, this top-notch landscaping company provides top-of-the-line landscaping services. From year-round lawn care to taking on personal projects, the team at Lassana’s will not let you down. Reach out to them to beautify your lawn today.

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