6 Ways to use Wall art to enhance your home

Whether you’re bored of looking at the same walls, or trying to make cosmetic enhancements prior to listing your home for sale wall art can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your interior for very little outlay.

As well as adding visual focal points, wall art can manipulate the mood and feel of a room, and even alter perceptions of size and shape, making a room feel larger or more intimate. That’s why your choice of wall art should be considered carefully so you can make the best possible use of the space, and create an environment you feel comfortable in.

Personalised Art

Whilst minimalistic interiors have been fashionable for some time, there’s a fine line between clean and sterile. That’s why personalised wall art is a great option for injecting some of your personality into an otherwise minimal environment. Photography is a great option – whether that’s photos of you and your family, or landscape shots of places that mean a lot to you. But personalised prints don’t have to end there. If you have kids, try scanning an early painting and cropping to a specific section before reproducing as a large print. This will look colourful and modern, adding life to a neutral coloured wall. 

Framed Objects/Ephemera

Framed objects are often overlooked in favor of prints, but objects add a 3D element that will bring texture to a conventional square or rectangular room. It’s also a licence to get creative – some of the quirky ideas work the best. A favorite item of ceramics that was broken can be mounted on a backing, repurposing it as a source of visual energy. Childhood toys, even books or antiques can look fantastic in a deep box frame. 


Posters are a great leveller when it comes to home decor – from high-end exhibition posters through to supercars, there’s a framed poster in almost every home. Of course, posters are another great opportunity to reflect your personality and tell your visitors a little about who you are. Whilst museum and gallery stores are a great source of nice art posters there are also numerous poster printing companies online, who will print your own custom design and sometimes even frame it as well. Posters are best large, so try and avoid going below A2 unless you’re mounting in a series. They’re a great opportunity to play with colour and tone – find a design that compliments furnishings or accessories in the room, or play with bold black and white designs.

Original Art

You don’t have to be a millionaire to make your first forays into the art world – in fact, lots of original art is surprisingly affordable, and has the potential to increase in value if the artist becomes successful. There’s lots of ways to source original art, including online marketplaces, but it’s often more personal and satisfying to get out there to art markets, gallery openings and exhibitions. That way you’re likely to meet the artist as well, which will make the art even more personal to you. Choosing original art can be difficult, but it’s best not to overthink it. Choose pieces that you like without worrying too much about your decor – if it makes you happy it will also make your home a happier, warmer place to be for your guests.

Thanks to digital printing technology it’s now possible to take feature walls to a whole new level with custom wallpaper and murals. There’s lots of companies online that can take your design and reproduce it as wallpaper to apply at home, whether that’s a repeating pattern or an image stretching across multiple sheets. Whilst custom wallpaper and murals have been popular in commercial settings for some time (think cafes, trendy offices etc), home use is starting to take-off as the prints become more cost effective. Think creatively when it comes to designing your feature wall – it doesn’t have to be an entire wall, nor does it have to be the biggest wall in the room. Try adding a mural to an alcove, or partial wall/divider. It’s best to avoid anything overtly personal unless you plan to stay in your house for a long time – that means personal photos, initials or names. Removing it can be time consuming, so may be off-putting for potential buyers. 


Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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