6 Reasons Why You Should Install Fiberglass Pools

If you’re looking to install a pool, there are lots of options out there. But one that’s gaining in popularity is fiberglass pool installation. As their name suggests, these pools are made of fiberglass, which means they can be installed faster and easier than other types of pools. That makes them great for DIYers who want a quick turnaround time on installation day. Here are some other reasons why you should consider installing a fiberglass pool.

  •  Require Less Maintenance

Fiberglass pools require far less maintenance than their concrete counterparts. They do not need to be acid-washed or refinished, and they don’t need to be sealed. They don’t even need to be painted.

While this may seem like a drawback, it’s actually quite the opposite because it means that your pool will always look brand new and shiny. You won’t have to worry about scraping away layers of paint or peeling off old coats of sealant in order to keep your pool looking beautiful.

  • Safer For Children

Some of the most important advantages of fiberglass pools are that they are safer for children and easier to maintain. Children can enjoy playing in them without worrying about slipping and breaking bones or cracking their heads open on a hard floor. This is because fiberglass pools are not as slippery as vinyl, which means that children have a better chance of staying upright when they run around on them. In addition to being safer, these types of pools are also less likely to crack than vinyl ones due to their durability and robust construction materials used during the manufacturing process. 

  •  Install Quickly

Fiberglass pools are less time-consuming to install than their in-ground pool counterparts. When you compare fiberglass pools versus in-ground concrete pools, you’ll find that the fiberglass installation process is about two weeks shorter and therefore less expensive. Since the installation process for a fiberglass swimming pool is much faster, you can enjoy splashing around in your new backyard water feature months sooner than if you were to go with an in-ground concrete pool. Plus, since there’s less labor involved in installing a fiberglass swimming pool compared to an in-ground one, it’ll cost less money overall.

  • Easy To Clean

Because fiberglass pools are all one solid piece, they are much easier to clean than concrete pools. With concrete, you have to wait for the concrete to set before you can scrub any dirt off of it. That means that if your pool is dirty when it’s poured, then it will probably stay dirty for quite some time. But with a fiberglass pool, you can scrub away any dirt or algae as soon as you see it.

If your pool is too big for sweeping by hand and cleaning with a vacuum cleaner alone, don’t worry. Fiberglass pools are so easy to clean that even leaf blowers will get the job done and quickly too.

  • More Durable Than Vinyl Pool Liners

You may be wondering why fiberglass pools are more durable than vinyl pool liners. Well, they are made of high-quality materials that will last a long time. They don’t have to be replaced every few years like vinyl does, which is quite annoying when you have no control over the weather.

Fiberglass pools also tend to hold their shape better than vinyl and will not get dented or damaged easily by tree branches or rocks falling on them from nearby houses or trees. The material used in the construction of these pools gives them more strength than vinyl liners so they can withstand harsh conditions such as intense sunlight, rainstorms, and freezing winter temperatures without any issues whatsoever.

  • Cost Less Than Concrete Pools

You’ll be spending less money on the installation of a fiberglass pool than you would on a concrete pool. This is because fiberglass pools are made from hand-laid glass that is then crafted into the shape of your choice. Concrete pools, in contrast, are poured from molds and require more labor during construction.

Since these pools don’t take as much time or effort to install and produce fewer waste products during production, they cost less than concrete pools and this translates into savings for homeowners. According to most estimates, it takes just one day to finish installing a fiberglass pool versus five days for a similar-sized concrete pool (not including curing time). And once installed, fiberglass pools need only minimal maintenance over time while still lasting up to 50 years.


With the many benefits of fiberglass pools, you can see why they are so popular. If you’re looking for a new pool or just want to upgrade your existing one, you should definitely consider installing one of these swimming vessels.