5 Reasons to Adopt a Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a breed apart from all others! Historically, the breed is considered to originate from America and date back hundreds of years. Officially recognized in the 19th century by ‘Cat Fancy’,  there are rumors abound of how they came to be here. Ranging from the impossible hybridization of cat and raccoon (hence the name) to the descendants of feline royalty, or being the great-great grand-kittens of the cats kept by the vikings who traveled to the Americas in the earlier days.

But no matter where they came from, this breed remains an iconic and unique companion. With a robust coat, massive size, individualist faces, and bobcat-like ear tufts, there isn’t quite another breed that looks like them. However, their uniqueness is more than skin-deep. Their personalities are among the most playful, oftentimes being more dog-like than others of their breed. Oftentimes they will demonstrate a love for the water, or even an eagerness to play a game of fetch!

Let’s explore why a Maine Coon could be a great addition to your family.

A Cuddly Companion

The Maine Coon is a social butterfly. Their brave and social demeanor makes them a great fit for families with other pets and children. They are also known to be incredibly affectionate and eager to please, including taking time to cuddle and keeping physical contact.

Happy to lounge at your side, their soft coats and size make them feel like large teddy bears. In fact, an Australian study recently showed that people who share their home with a cat were significantly happier and less stressed out in their day-to-day life.

A Playful Pal

And while they are happy to cuddle, you’ll also find that the Maine Coon is an eager pleaser and ready to play. They are generally highly intelligent and can be trained to perform any number of tricks ranging from simple sit and fetch, to elaborate jumping challenges.

You may also find that Maine Coons enjoy the water, and supervised romps outdoors. With a properly made harness, you can take your Maine Coon on walks in safe places. Having a companion to be a part of your routine can be a great way to find encouragement to follow through with exercise as well as provide them with the health benefits too.

A Rodent Repeller

While many people have welcomed rats and mice into their home as pets – many people aren’t too keen on the thought of wild rodents taking up residence in their home. Aside from the risks of them damaging the home and potentially spreading disease, they can be a costly hassle to get rid of. However, studies have shown that rats and mice will often avoid the scent of cats and are less likely to infest homes where they live.

Your Maine Coon is also an exceptionally large cat and would serve as an intimidating guardian against any unwelcome critters — even if they are a lover and not a fighter.

A Manageable Mane

Most long-haired breeds require very specific grooming which can be costly. However, the Maine Coon’s coat is very simple to manage. All they require is a once-weekly brushing to keep them free from matting and tangles.

Other than that, their water-repellent coat needs no bathing outside of exceptional soilings or if they require it for treatment.

A Disparate Diva

Some people prefer black cats with green eyes, or others might seek out a calico. Unlike many other breeds, Maine Coons come in these colors and more. In fact, there are several varieties of hair and coat color that one can find.

That makes the Maine Coon one of the more fashionable long-haired breeds one could encounter. If you’re a spooky witch, a black-furred friend could blend seamlessly into your aesthetic, or for the more eclectic you might meet the perfect patchwork calico, or even a solid coated friend just to be a part of your family. One thing is certain, however, that they will love you no matter what you look like.

As you can see, the Maine Coon cat is a special breed. Adopting one can be a life-changing experience. Talk with your local shelter or rescue group and you just might find your future best friend.

Jhanzaib Akhter
Jhanzaib Akhter
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