10 Best Ways To Keep Homes from Pests

Many things can attract pests to invade your home. They could be looking for food scraps in the house, looking for a place to raise their young, or just in search of water. Poor sanitation and ventilation could also create more problems because it can make the house an ideal place for bugs to live. Here are ten tips to keep pests out of your home.

1. Properly Dispose of Trash and Litter

One thing that makes your house a welcoming place for pests is the trash and litter inside your house. Pests will not want to get anywhere near foodstuffs, so it is advised that you dispose of them properly. You can do this by placing your trash in tightly sealed containers that cannot be opened by pests or eliminating its smell with baking soda.

2. Minimize Plants and Mulch around the House

You should also keep all plants and mulch away from your house. Pests love to nest near plants because of the food found on the leaves and in the soil. This could attract larger pests, such as rodents and raccoons, who will bring disease into your house.

3. Seal Doors and Windows

One of the first areas to be inspected by pests entering your house is your entrances and exits. When you close the doors and windows of your home, ensure there is no gap in between, so outside bugs cannot enter. You should also ensure that these are properly sealed with caulking if necessary.

4. Use the Right Light Bulbs

Another way to keep pests out of your home is the lights you use. Light is the main attraction for insects, so it is advised that you do not make your house feel dark and unlucrative by using dim lights. You can also use bright bulbs with no polarized glass, preventing them from fusing in the house’s rooms.

5. Rinse Recyclables

If you are the type of person who recycles, then there is a good chance that you will throw out some food or other items with a strong smell. Pests can smell this, and they are very attracted to it. Because of this strong smell, they will swarm all over your trash when placed outside.

6. Don’t Keep Fruits and Vegetables Out for Long

It is always a good idea to keep fruits and vegetables fresh by putting them in the refrigerator as soon as you buy them. If you leave them out for a long time, they will attract pests to your house, making it difficult to keep your home clean and pest-free.

7. Keep Items of External Use Outside of the House

You should also keep all items of external use outside the house, so they cannot attract pests to your home. Make sure you keep everything away from your doors and windows as well. This includes bikes and toys, which are easily used by pests to access your house.

8. Keep Food Cutlery Clean and Dry

Food cutlery is where pests love to gather because of its food particles. It is always a good idea to clean it every time you use it so that the food is not left inside and does not attract pests. You should also ensure that you dry them completely once cleaning them because any moisture can attract pests.

9. Do Not Allow Water To Stand

It is always a good idea to remove water from your house as soon as possible so it cannot attract pests. Pests are attracted to moisture and will attract your home because of the water in it. If you do not want this to happen, ensure you remove all standing water from your house as soon as possible.

10. Inspect Swings and Outdoor Furniture

Some pests, such as wasps and hornets, choose places hidden from the sun to make their nests. If you have a swing or any other outdoor furniture pieces, ensure you check them once in a while to ensure there are no nests on them. If you find one, remove it immediately; otherwise, it will only attract more pests to your home.

These are just some ways to keep pests out of your house. You should also never forget to clean your home regularly and ensure you have the right things to keep it pest-free. Commercial pest control companies can help you with the right strategies.


Jim Pulman has extensive knowledge and experience in Home Building, Construction, and Design. He writes articles in his free time and partners with content creators to share his expertise with the online community