Self-Storage Tips: The Dos and Don’ts of Making

Renting a self-storage unit is a convenient way of storing belongings for the short or long-term when relocating or freeing up space. First-time renters may not know how to use the space efficiently or pack a storage unit. Knowing some expert self-storage tips will make your life easy.

A tenant needs to learn the art of organizing belongings efficiently for optimal access. Importantly, choose a reputable storage facility to ensure the protection of your precious belongings. With reliable companies, a renter will get ample storage with special add-ons.

The Dos

Rent a Storage Unit Location Close to the Property

Storage facilities in dickinson nd in rural and less populated areas are more affordable than the ones available in urban areas. However, convenience should be prioritized when renting a self-storage unit. Hence, choose a storage company close to your home and office.

Visiting a far-off storage unit would feel like a chore, not to mention, the transportation charges. An inconvenient location would take much of your time and energy.

Plan the Inventory You Wish to Store

Do not leave everything to the last minute, plan and pack the belongings you wish to keep in the storage unit. Additionally, it will help you get the right size of storage unit. Well, it does not require you to be super specific, however, you should have an idea of what will be stored in the unit.

Choose the Right Size

After determining the inventory to be stored, choose the right size. The size of the storage unit heavily influences the monthly rent. There is no need to rent a large-sized unit if you only have a few belongings to store. Decide the inventory and calculate the square footage it will occupy to rent the appropriate-sized unit.

Label Boxes

If you opt out of labeling boxes, prepare to waste hours digging through strategically stacked boxes to find the thing you need. Attach visible tags on all four sides of the boxes and keep the stuff you need frequently in the front.

The Don’ts

Don’t Store Flammable Items

Even if you have rented a climate-controlled storage unit, it is best not to store flammable items. For instance, a power outage may lead to increased temperature causing the flammable items to ignite. Such items carry the risk of damaging other belongings and property.

Don’t Store Perishables

Do not treat the unit as a pantry or a refrigerator, hence, avoid storing food, groceries, or other perishables. Plus, the renter must check the guidelines of the storage facility before storing such items.

Don’t Wrap Furniture or Other Belongings in Plastic

As moving companies wrap possessions in plastic, one may feel tempted to store belongings wrapped in plastic. Well, movers do so to prevent the item from getting scratched, storing belongings wrapped in plastic would increase the risk of mold issues.

Wrap Up

Lastly, contact reliable storage providers to know more about storing items in a storage unit. A renter will get valuable tips on storing items efficiently in the storage unit.

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