How to make your air conditioner quieter

How well you manage the noise coming from your HVAC system determines whether you finally get to enjoy a pleasant daytime rest or a night rest. Different people have varied reactions to the sounds coming from their HVAC systems. Some people are susceptible to sound and frequencies. In some instances, noise can be loud enough to impair one’s hearing. Usually, AC noise is annoying but hardly harmful. Either way, you need to find a suitable way to ensure that the AC in your house is quiet. Fortunately, there are a few tips that work. Keep reading to uncover what works for you.

Regular Maintenance

Homeowners are urged to take care of their HVAC system for a good reason. Victor Rancour of Absolute Airflow near Long Beach explains, “Regular maintenance ensures that you take care of the things causing all the extra noise. Usually, during these maintenance sessions, the HVAC technician fixes any loose components responsible for the loud noises and sounds. Maintenance is a preventive measure that prevents unnecessary noises from the HVAC system.”

Go for Silent AC Models

Shop for the correct AC from the word go. Always consult your HVAC technician before purchasing an AC. Whether you are buying an air conditioner for the first time or upgrading an existing one, consider the silence levels. Make sure you choose the right size of AC. This not only improves energy efficiency but also influences the noise levels. An oversized unit will regularly switch off and on and be noisy every time it comes back on. If you are not sure about the model of AC to buy, consult an HVAC professional for advice. Besides that, ensure that the AC is professionally installed to avoid making mistakes that could trigger loud noises and bangs.

Choose the Right Location

It’s always advisable to install the C away from frequently used rooms. For instance, have the HVAC expert install the AC away from your bedrooms and living room if these are the rooms you spend most of your time in. Your goal is to keep most of the sound away from these areas. 

Make sure that air ducts do not open up into narrow corridors. Usually, sound travels in these ducts tend to resonate and become louder in smaller spaces. The last thing you need is to have these sounds amplified as it reflects on the surfaces. You should also install the AC away from entrances such as doors and windows to prevent a frequent shut-off and turn-on. This cycle contributes to the AC noises you are trying to reduce.

Consider Using Sound Barriers

Consider using a few plants to lower the sounds from your AC strategically. Plants act as a natural sound barrier or you could use more modern technology. Have a few potted plants around the house to help you achieve this. Besides this, you could build a wooden fence around the AC unit to minimize the sounds since wood absorbs sounds perfectly. Ensure that the barrier you use is placed strategically and is also the same height as the AC unit for it to work.

Use Sound Curtains/Blankets

These are special fiberglass-vinyl blankets used on the machinery to prevent excessive sounds. The blanket is installed around the AC’s compressor leading to effective noise reduction.

Even as you strive to minimize the noise from your AC, make sure to understand the different sounds. Sometimes strange sounds from the AC could indicate that there is a problem that needs to be solved. Learn when to troubleshoot such sounds.

Humna Chaudhary
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