Aluminium Windows – A Smart Choice For Your Home

The materials used to make windows have changed over the years. Wood is no longer the top choice. It can be firmly said that aluminium took its place. Now, it is the most popular material used in modern window manufacture for several good reasons.

Versatility And Durability

The great thing about aluminium window frames is that they can be easily manufactured in a variety of styles. They can be spray-finished in any choice of colour, contemporary or traditional, meaning you can get precisely the look you want. Furthermore, the anodized painted finish on aluminium is virtually permanent, so it needs hardly any maintenance. 

Another factor – due to its unique properties, aluminium is extremely weatherproof. Being unaffected by moisture or temperature variations it is also resistant to shrinkage or swelling.

A further benefit is that being slimmer and more lightweight in construction than UPVC, they are sleeker and therefore allow more light into your home. And of course, we need to consider the impact that consumer choices have these days on the environment. As aluminium can be recycled, it is a much more eco-friendly choice for modern windows, making properties more sustainable.

Wooden vs. Aluminium Windows

Many of us love the idea of wood for a more traditional look, which can also be painted in many different finishes and colours. Unfortunately, good old-fashioned wood is high-maintenance and attracts pests and insects. Aluminium frames however are completely resistant to these aspects. Because of the wide choice of colour finishes, they are perfectly suited to both traditional and contemporary properties and are the ideal choice when replacing older wooden frames. But, a durable aluminium shell can also be combined with wood for a luxury high-performance hybrid frame.

Style And Glazing Options

Like vinyl frames, aluminium windows come with all the usual double/triple glazing options plus toughened glass, making them soundproof, energy efficient and highly secure.

They are available in every style such as: 

  • Sliding Windows – great for smaller spaces and easy to operate. 
  • Casement Windows – a popular style and ideal for flexible ventilation. Energy-efficient and highly secure.
  • Bi-fold windows – for a sleek, contemporary design. Aluminium bi-folds are slim and smooth to operate. When fully opened, they give you maximum light, space and ventilation.
To Sum Up

Triple-Glazed Aluminium windows come in a wide range of colour and style options and are the ideal choice for low-maintenance, great-looking windows with high-performance features at an affordable cost. They make your property lighter and more attractive and are better for the environment with the fantastic bonus of being weather-resistant and pest-resistant.  

All in all, aluminium windows are the smart choice for a stunning and durable addition to both contemporary and traditional properties!