Winter’s Bitter Chill: 8 Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Repair

Do you know that many Americans spend at least $598 on heating costs alone?

One of the contributors to a hefty heating bill is a damaged or broken furnace. Getting your furnace checked and repaired from time to time not only reduces the heating costs but also saves your home from danger.


That’s why you should act swiftly to get emergency furnace repair whenever you sense that things aren’t normal.

But what are the danger signs to watch out for in your furnace? This article outlines eight telltale signs that you need an emergency repair for your heating system.

1. Your Furnace Releases Gas Odors

When your furnace starts to release some weird smells, it could be a sign of danger. Gas odors coming from your furnace could mean that you have a gas leak. A gas leak is not something to take lightly if you care about the safety of your home.

Burning smells are indicators that your furnace releases combustion gases into your home. This could be coming from a damaged flue or a damaged heat exchanger. If ignored, you’ll expose your family to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Only an expert can tell you for sure where the problem is and repair it immediately. Don’t attempt to repair this yourself as it could be dangerous.

2. Get Emergency Furnace Repair When You Hear Funny Noises

You’ve probably heard some noises coming from your furnace when you turn it on. Well, this reduces as the furnace runs. But when the noise persists, that is a sign of a problem with your system.

You need to contact Furnace Repair Mississauga when you notice such a sign. Sometimes, the volume keeps getting louder.

You’ve been with your furnace long enough to notice when the sounds coming from it aren’t normal anymore. Act fast to get the problem resolved before it can damage the system completely.

3. Your Furnace Blows Cold Air

It’s winter, and everybody needs some warm air blowing on their skin. To your surprise, your furnace blows cold air instead, making the air even chillier.

Well, this does not only mean your home will be colder but a sign that your furnace could get further damages in the future. You need to get this problem sorted as soon as possible to avoid incurring huge costs when things get out of hand.

4. Your Furnace Stops Working

While many furnace problems don’t go to the extent that it completely stops working, it won’t be a surprise if it stops. If your furnace refuses to turn on when you need it, then you shouldn’t wait to be told that you need an emergency repair.

Even if the temperatures are mild and you don’t need urgent heating, you shouldn’t assume this problem. Getting an emergency furnace repair service could save your furnace from complete damage.

5. Your Pilot Light Flame Is Yellow

Under good working conditions, your furnace is supposed to produce a blue flame. If you see yellow or any other color, then you should know that your system has a problem.

A yellow flame is usually a warning sign of serious combustion issues that you should never ignore. If not repaired, this could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which is usually deadly. Contact furnace repair professionals as soon as possible and get them to repair the problem.

6. Water Around the Furnace

Water makes an essential component of your furnace. But sometimes water can leak out, exposing your home to water damage. The worst thing you’d want to come home to is a soaked foundation, flooring, and walls.

Water leak not only interferes with the efficiency of your furnace but also causes mold and mildew growth. Make sure you get emergency furnace repair to fix water leaks before they pose a danger to your home. Repairing your furnace as soon as you notice water leaks saves you from future repair costs.

7. Furnace Experiences Electrical Issues

Don’t attempt to repair your furnace all by yourself if you notice some electric issues. Electric issues that require emergency repair services include humming, breaker trips, flickering lights, and electrical buzzing. All these are signs of serious dangers that need urgent attention.

Attempting DIY repairs for electric problems could put you in harm’s way and also damage your system further. As soon as you notice any of the problems, call your furnace repair technicians and let them repair it immediately.

8. Your Furnace Turns On and Off

It can be annoying to turn your furnace on only for it to turn off and on again. A normal working furnace should run consistently to ensure your home reaches the required temperature. When it reaches the thermostat’s temperature setting, it will cut off and turn back on when the temperature lowers.

But sometimes, your furnace will not run until you achieve the required temperature setting. When the furnace turns on and off, it needs immediate attention.

Never Ignore These Furnace Problems

There are no normal furnace issues. When you notice that your furnace isn’t running as required, you should never take things for granted. Any sign of abnormality in your system means that you should get emergency furnace repair as soon as possible.

Find professionals you trust around your area and have them take care of your heating system before the problem worsens.

Do you need more help taking care of your home’s heating and cooling system? We’re here for you. Browse other articles on this site to learn more tips.

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