Why is Finn Juhl designed Chair So Iconic and Expensive?

The model 45 chair designed by Finn Juhl is said to be Finn Juhl’s most recognizable design. Let me tell you that Finn Juhl has developed this iconic chair the model 45 thereafter; he became one of the most recognized names. He collaborated with Niels Vodder, who was a master cabinetmaker to make this chair. Also, this chair was made at the 1945 Cabinetmakers’ Guild exhibition.

As soon as this chair for exhibited, it was immediately recognized for its break from the standard traditional design. The unique part was the upholstered area of the chair from its wood frame. And don’t forget its incredible curve, which nis the essence of this chair.

Apparently, Juhl was working to build a perfectly comfortable chair for years, and after years of hard work, Juhl was able to develop this iconic design known as the Model 45.

Now the question is, Why is Finn Juhl Chair So Iconic and Expensive? So let’s get to know why.

Why is Finn Juhl designed Chair So Iconic and Expensive?

The NV 45 chair was also there in the cabinetmakers’ exhibition in the year 1945. Not only this chair but there was some other furniture too, including the desk and a sofa. Least did you know, but the designer of this desk and sofa was also Finn Juhl, and the creator was Niels Vodder. 

They were exhibited in a room sitting, which was called a “Room For A Managing Director.” It was quite obvious that the furniture was not cheap. After all, a review in the Berlingske Tidende noted that the furniture was specially designed for a deluxe office. Also, it is the thing worth appreciating that the furniture got the first price in that exhibition and also it was sold in advance to a customer from America.

If we take a look at the chair’s design, you will see a think curve shell. This shell is there for the seat as well as for the back. Now this rests over the crossbar underneath, located between the side stretchers. The separate support, as well as supporting elements, is the best part you will notice in this chair.

Now, if we see the frame design, it requires skills from the cabinetmaker to work over it. In the curve of the shell, a very thin layer of padding is there for extra support. This is the reason this chair becomes so much more comfortable when anyone sits on it.

After that, there was a room set designed by Juhl in 1951 for the National Museum Of Decorative Arts In Norway. And the chair was presented in that room too. That room is known to shoe the best Scandinavian interior design. Inside that interior design was also a rug and a sofa along with two chairs. To establish the room in a lot better way, there were also lights by Vilhelm Lauritzen and a stool 60.


This above description gives you the answer: Why is Finn Juhl designed Chair So Iconic and Expensive?

Model 45 was well renowned for its unique and aesthetic design. Because it was quite different from the existing traditional chairs of that time, this was the reason it attracts the interior designers so much, and no wonder it became an iconic chair.

The reason it was expensive was that it was made with the aim to be a part of the interior design of a deluxe office. Thus it was quite obvious for it to be expensive.



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