Why Do You Need a Mudroom along With a Mudroom Bench

First of all, what is a Mudroom?

It is an American term; a mudroom is essentially like a second entrance to your house where you remove your muddy boots and water-soaked clothes after getting wet from rain, etc. It is basically like a closet to store clothes and shoes that you wouldn’t want to bring inside the house to maintain its sanitation.

Benefits of a Mudroom:

Storage. Who doesn’t love extra space? A mudroom is a perfect space to maintain the house’s sanity, as it provides room for things that aren’t fit to keep inside the house.

It is a place to catch a breath because, for a person who manages both works, the house knows the feeling of returning home and thinking about what to cook for dinner. A mudroom bench is a perfect place to lounge a little before stepping into chaos.

Better organization and orderliness. Mudroom acts like a filter for your home, with all the extra things out of your living area, you no longer have to go on panting haste to collect items lying around when a company suddenly shows up. With the improved organization, it becomes easier to find things swiftly without draining time checking under the settees and behind furniture.

Less maintenance of a house. A mudroom provides the space to get rid of the dirt and pollution we may bring to our home. Therefore it becomes easier to maintain the house that way. Otherwise, imagine the cleaning, dusting, and wiping one would have to do if everyone would bring in their outdoor footwear and dirty jackets inside the house.

Best place to wash your pets

Usually, people do laundry there as well.

What Makes a Perfect Mudroom?

Mudroom bench/ settee: 

Taking off shoes isn’t that hard of a task, but it is better to sit down and loosen up your laces than hop on one foot while trying to untie the shoelace. Therefore it is essential to have a mudroom bench, not only for tying and untying the shoelace but also to lounge around comfortably while doing laundry or brightening up space. Put some cushions on the settee to breathe life into the area along with some pop of color.


Depending on the measurement and design of your space, you will need to add several items of furniture to create a mudroom. Mudroom Ideas to consider we include a bench, lockers, a shoe cabinet, and a closet for coats and out-of-season items.

Perfect Storage Space:

Add hooks for the raincoats and everyday use jackets. Put an umbrella rack on the side. Also, assign storage space to every family member for personal use to maintain the tidiness of the room. Use all the space wisely. Even the mudroom bench should be a place where you can cleverly store your belongings. Design a seat that can be flipped up and used as a chest or makeup cabinets beneath it.

Perfect Lighting:

Add a chandelier if you want. Even though it’s a mudroom, you can still make it fancy looking by hanging a concise light and brightening up the place with appropriate lighting. Add lighting to the walls as well as some overhead lighting for proper brightness.


It is preferable to have hard flooring as the mudroom is a high traffic area. The tile should be polished concrete or floorboards to withstand daily usage. Never use carpet flooring for this space.

Tips & Tricks on How to Use the Space to its Fullest Capacity:

For new parents, this space can be a lifesaver. Dedicate a shelf in your mudroom to diaper bag necessities, so you don’t have to rush back in, in case you forgot. You can also store your baby gear (stroller, pram, etc.) in the mudroom.

The best way to teach manners to your kids is to train them from a young age. The essential to mannerism is to maintain order. A mudroom is a place where you can start teaching your kids to organize their boots and coats. Assign hooks or cubbies to your kids to store their stuff in an organized manner.

The mudroom is the perfect place to put away the sports equipment and the stuff required for after school activities. If your girl is into ballet, she can save her ballet flats in her designated shoe space; your boy can keep his baseball bat in his cubby, your husband can store his golf equipment in his designated area rather than cluttering the whole house.

You can put a chalkboard or a message board in your mudroom so you or your family members can leave a prominent note on that when in a hurry.

Hang a calendar; it could be a life-saving thing one can do for one’s self. Mark the due dates of the bills and dates of important events, so you don’t get in trouble or get unnecessary anxiety.

Dedicate a drawer for the mails and bills. That way, you never lose any vital letter.

Want unnecessary wires out of your sight? Put up a charging station in your mudroom. That way, not only will your living space be free of cables but you won’t forget your devices while leaving the house.

Add a mirror. It’s always good to have a final look at yourself before leaving the house. You will thank yourself after installing a mirror in your mudroom.

Add a fan or an exhaust for proper ventilation. This room needs ventilation at its best because it stores outdoor wear and you don’t want this place to stink as it is your house entrance.

Don’t forget the aesthetics. Make sure the color of the walls, floor, and cabinets coordinate correctly. Add a well color coordinated mudroom bench, some art on the walls, and a potted plant or two.

You can spice up the aesthetics by placing some trays on a small table by the door for your bags and keys. Place a small vase and put some decorative flowers in it to brighten up the entrance.

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