Why Artificial Grass For Children And Pets Is Recommended By Experts

Local company Pier Artificial Grass Eastbourne examines the benefits of fake grass for Children and animals.

For several decades now, the installation of manufactured grass has been practiced in many areas where natural turf was previously utilized. The early results of the ‘fake grass’ were widely promoted, but in practice turned out to be disappointing on several levels. Over the years, new compounds have become available which are noted for their appearance, safety factor, durability, and other reasons. As there are improvements in the characteristics of artificial grass, more and more installations are using the turf for cost, safety, and even appearance. Studies have shown that artificial turf, when properly installed, is an excellent alternative to natural grasses, even for children and pets.

There are probably as many formulas for the fabrication of synthetic turf as there are manufacturers. Generally, the product is fabricated using synthetic fibers, manufactured to mimic the appearance of natural grasses. These fibers are installed on a base material which is useful to stabilize and cushion the playing surface. The fibers are usually manufactured from nylon, polypropylene, or polyethylene and are affixed to the backing, making the installation process much more efficient. The backing is porous enough that moisture flows through the ‘fabric’ into the ground or base below. Here are some additional facts to consider before choosing a new play surface for children or pets.

The product has a number of benefits so that it is increasingly being used in areas where pets and/or children are present. Dogs can deposit feces and urine on the artificial turf, just as they would use a seeded grass field or pet park. The urine easily passes through the backing, without leaving stains or burned patches, as is common with your lawn or garden. No special treatment is required to cause the urine to drain away. It disappears in the same way as occurs with rainwater.

For children’s play areas, grasses made of synthetic fiber create a safer and softer landing than is the rule with the real grasses. The man-made product is much tougher than seeded grasses, making it a durable play area for even the most active youngsters to indulge in rough and tumble activities.

A Few Benefits of Artificial Grasses

Because of the type of fibers used in the composition of the product, it eliminates the issue of mud and dirt tracked into houses or other buildings. The synthetic fibers and backing material are placed over a smooth and level bed so that there are no longer potholes and raised areas on the surface. The mud and dirt are covered up with a layer of attractive and durable turf that resists erosion, unlike the example of a natural playing field after a rain or snowstorm.

Anyone who has ever been tasked with the responsibility of washing mud and grass stains out of children’s clothing can understand the benefits of eliminating stains from the list of special laundering activities. When there is a muddy field and a youngster slides into home plate, the staining result to clothing may be insurmountable. In addition to stains from mud and from grass, hard play on natural turf causes torn up surfaces where bare dirt is exposed and lack of natural planting materials is very obvious.

There are several types of insects that live in grassy areas, some of which can pack a nasty bite. If you have been bitten by a chigger, you will recognize this benefit of the manufactured product. Chiggers are a species of mite that is found on low-growing plants as well as blades of grass. They are small enough to be hard to spot with the naked eyes. When chiggers attach themselves to people, they cause a bite that looks much like a mosquito bite. In addition to chiggers, fleas thrive on natural awns and pet areas. There are fewer insects that make a practice of living on synthetic fibers of polypropylene, nylon, or polyethylene.

Installation of this type of playing area for pets or children reduces the amount of labor that can be involved in keeping natural grasses looking well and remaining attractive. Lawns require a lot of work if they are to be kept in good condition, especially if they are installed in play areas. Replanting bare or brown patches due to animal waste or high traffic areas due to active children can be a constant effort on the part of the homeowner. In addition, one of the problems with a well-manicured lawn is that it constantly grows and must be mowed during some seasons, and goes dormant during other seasons, leading to a dry, brown, and unattractive appearance. Of course, lawn care, mowing, thatching, reseeding and watering can be turned over to a commercial care team, but the costs can add up quickly.

Some parts of the country are suffering from drought, while other areas struggle with snow or rain in excess. It is never necessary to water the manufactured product to keep it looking its best. It can be utilized, even when the area is in the midst of water shortages and bans, and will always look great. A playing area with artificial turf can be quickly cleared of snowfall accumulations, while rainwater soaks through the backing and is gone in a short time. Hosing down small areas is easily done when needed.

Because the product is so durable, it often pays for itself due to the reduced costs of maintenance and upkeep which would be incurred with seeded lawns. Homeowners can expect years of usage of the area, regardless of how large or how small the playing field is. Homeowners can be proud of the overall appearance and durability of the turf without having to spend all of their leisure time on lawn care and upkeep.

As an alternative to seeded playing areas for pets and children, or anywhere a healthy-looking, low maintenance grass-like area is desired, installation of artificial grass Eastbourne surfaces is easy, and convenient. All the preparation and installation of the products can be done by the professional team with no hassle and no hard labor on the homeowner’s part.

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