When Hiring Professional House Cleaning Services

If life is full of work, school, and family, it is time to consider professional house cleaning services.

A professional housekeeping company can keep your house spotless and save you time and energy. Just like this housekeeping agency in San Diego that employs top housekeepers with established records and can provide all types of domestic cleaning services.

Perhaps you’ve considered a cleaning service before but don’t know what to look for. Since you will be allowing them into your home while you are not there, you want assurances that your housekeepers are both excellent and honest.

Here are 3 things to look for when hiring professional cleaners.

Insured, Bonded, and Screened 

The first thing to look for in professional house cleaning services is that any service you consider carries general liability insurance. This policy provides the company protection from customer injuries and property damage.

Cleaning services with more than 1-2 employees will carry worker’s comprehensive insurance, usually a rule in most states. This insurance covers employee’s expenses if they are injured on a job at your house.

Bonding will ensure compensation if someone from the cleaning service steals or breaks something while working.

If you hire a company with many employees, the company itself will take care of background checks and screenings of all their workers on your behalf.

If you want to hire a sole proprietor as your housekeeper, you will need to get their references. The best reference is a word-of-mouth endorsement from a friend or neighbor who has hired your potential cleaner in the past.

No matter which way you go, find out how to conduct a background check in your state, and run one on any service or housekeeper you consider for complete protection.

Exceeds Your Expectations

Your housekeeper should clean what you want, and at the time you want it. Discuss your requirements with potential cleaning services in an interview.

Make a list of what you want to be cleaned, and how often. Let the cleaning service show you their standard cleaning package, and what extras they can and will do for you. Take a walk through your house together to show the rooms, and what might be off-limits to the cleaners. Agree on all things in writing.

Ask your potential cleaners if they bring their own cleaning supplies, or if they expect to use some of yours. 

Ask your potential housekeeper why they are in this line of work, and how long they have been cleaning homes. Try to get a feel for your comfort level with them. If you feel good about a cleaner, request that same person for every visit. Having cleaners that know you and your home is more than worth the price.

Fits Your Budget

The cost of housekeeping services will be dependent on your location and the amount of work you need to be done and how often. If you and your family are particularly messy, or your home is quite large, expect a larger price.

Getting all fees and costs for cleaning services upfront and in writing keeps everyone on the same page, so there are no misunderstandings.

Weigh the cost of your potential service against the value of time and energy, especially if you are not able to clean your home yourself. 

How to Find Professional House Cleaning Services

Finding professional house cleaning services near you is easy. Ask friends and co-workers for recommendations. Check online for services near you, and read reviews for all services you consider.

If the company has a website, read it over to get an idea of their services and costs. Look for the essentials listed above, and get ready to have a clean house, and peace of mind.

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