What to Look for in a Storage Unit

Imagine being stuck in a dilemma: your sister wants to move in with you after your mother’s demise, but you both do not know what to do with the extra furniture. Imagine another situation: you are planning to relocate, but you miscalculated the time available, and now the relocation date is near. But you have nothing planned. Both of these situations require a solution, and we say the answer is renting a private storage space!

Self-storage spaces provide you with an area that you can utilize to store anything from your items to home furniture to office equipment. It is the perfect solution for many problematic situations like the ones mentioned above. They provide you with an accessible mode of additional storage capacity. So, for example, if you have extra furniture that you cannot immediately dispose of, you can shift it to storage space and gradually declutter and discard over months. 

Now, renting a storage space is not rocket science. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure that you get the perfect place in return for your money. 

The Whereabouts:

In case you plan to stock some belongings that you will have to access frequently, then getting a storage space nearer to your house makes common sense. Of course, you would not want to travel to your storage space only to return and feel the need to go again. It would cost you transport expenses, and do not forget the extra time you will invest commuting. On the other hand, storage spaces closer to your house in crowded areas may cost more since such spots are higher in demand. So you will have to judge the most appropriate self storage option while juggling between the cost you can afford and the ease of access. 

The Size:

This one is pretty obvious. Since you will have to stock up on physical items, the size of the storage space matters the most. You would not want to rent a storage space only to find later that it does not fit all your belongings, right? Being entirely sure of the size you wish to and getting one that is bigger than your required size is the correct way to go about it. And oh, do not forget to size the storage space vertically. Many storage spaces may fit your items in terms of sitting area but may not be tall enough to accommodate your things. It would help if you were well-aware of all the dimensions before choosing a storage space. Measure the square footage of the storage space yourself and cross verify the figures with the owner. 

The Cost:

When hiring any service providers, you should know all the costs and charges beforehand. It will prevent any surprises later on. Several factors will affect the value of the storage space, such as the number of months the area gets hired for, the type of contract, etc. It would help if you also looked for any hidden or additional charges that the agreement does not explicitly mention. These charges can often escalate, which makes it inevitable that you are well-aware of their nature and amount before signing the contract. 

Additionally, look into any obligations the contract puts you in, such as a minimum renting period for the storage space. Such commitments are a liability and may make the arrangement complicated. 

The Level Of Security Provided:

You will trust the storage space with your personal belongings. Part of maintaining doubtless trust is to know the level of security offered at the storage space. You should ask the owners if any facilities regarding video surveillance or monitoring are available. If not, question them regarding the level of security they promise for your goods. 


There are fundamentally two types of storage space contracts offered: full service or self-service contracts. When you take up full-service storage space, the owners will control the access. That means that you will have to place a prior notification before accessing your belongings. Some full-service contracts also offer the facility of dropping your goods at your home place whenever required. On the other hand, the self-service storage space gives you 24-hour access, and you will have your own set of locks and keys. 

However, it is essential to remember that in case you do not have to access your goods frequently, full-service contracts provide higher safety and security for your belongings. 


The world today is squeezed on the palm of your hands. You can effortlessly search for a service provider over the internet on your phone and find several recommendations in favor of or against it. Online offers help you see through any false promotions or marketing gimmicks. You make a well-informed decision once you know what experiences the majority of the people have had with a service provider. 


Buying a storage space may seem like a simple decision. However, there are a few factors that you need to have a thorough knowledge of before spending your money. Since your personal belongings are involved, which have emotional and monetary value, you must be sure before selecting a storage space provider and their services. The factors above will help you make an accurate decision and will ease your hunt for the perfect storage space.

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