What Makes Niagara on the Lake a Great Place to Own a Home?

What makes a great place to buy a home? Where you purchase real estate is just as important as the kind of property you buy, not only for your lifestyle and quality of life but the long-term value of the investment itself.

Increasingly, people are moving out of cities and into more rural areas like Niagara on the Lake. A charming, historic town in the heart of one of Canada’s most important wine regions, it’s seen increased popularity among people seeking out their dream home outside the city.


These are just some of the reasons why it’s a great investment to live by Niagara on the Lake.

#1 Unique Location

While the first thing that comes to mind when many people think of Canada is snow, and winter certainly does come to Niagara, the presence of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie along with the Niagara Escarpment mean the region has a milder climate that’s great for growing things. 

Niagara on the Lake is sometimes called the birthplace of modern Canadian winemaking and is home to world-class wineries. That means there are tons of wineries to explore right on your front door, not to mention great dining and farmer’s markets featuring local produce.

#2 More Square Footage for Your Budget

Space is at a premium these days, and it’s no surprise why. The prices for cramped condos close to downtown cores are tumbling as property buyers are looking for more room for themselves. Whether they’re buying home offices, spacious backyards, or just room to stretch out, people are looking for ways to squeeze more square footage into their budgets.

To make it work, many are looking at country living as an option. Work-from-home seems like it will remain permanently for many companies, and that’s opening up places further away from major job markets. New home builders in Niagara have more room to work with than those in the city.

#3 Quiet, Safe Communities

Space and budget aren’t the only reasons homebuyers are increasingly looking outside the GTA suburbs. They’re also looking for a change of pace. GTA areas are noisy, full of traffic, and especially with the current pandemic the disadvantages to too much density are now very apparent. 

Country living means you get to enjoy some real peace and quiet. If you’re sick of the constant noise of cars going down your street all day and night or getting caught in traffic jams, a rural setting will be much more peaceful. It’s yet another reason to look at new homes in Niagara on the Lake.

#4 Proximity to the City

While you get all the perks of country living, including a neighborhood surrounded by vineyards and farms, clean air, and plenty of outdoor activities, Niagara on the Lake also has the kinds of amenities you would normally only find in larger cities, such as first-class restaurants, theater and great shopping.

Mid-sized cities like Niagara Falls and St. Catharines are minutes away provide all the essentials you need, from big-name retail to healthcare.

Wherever you move, it should be a place that suits your lifestyle. As more and more homebuyers abandon the city for fresh air and more room, investing in the countryside will definitely prove to be a good idea.


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