What is Virtual Staging and Why Is It Important for Real Estate?

Virtual staging is an advanced process that is a technological replacement for traditional home staging. It is a process that entails the use of furniture, design, and décor with the intent to create virtual photos of vacant spaces that are up for sale. You will end up with photorealistic images to show potential clients their next home. All this is especially handy for real estate agents that rely on their customer’s home perception.

It is no wonder that in today’s world, technology and pandemic-wise, almost everything is virtual and connected on the Internet. So, real estate agents need to step up their game and include virtual real estate staging into their offer. Your clients will be just a few clicks away from a visual representation of their future home even before they see the place in person. All thanks to virtual staging and the perks it comes with.


Just bear in mind, no real estate agent wants to deceive their clients – it is about painting a very realistic image of what the place can look like. No empty room can ever achieve that. What follows is an in-depth look into the benefits of virtual staging for the real estate business world.

Virtual Staging Provides a Realistic Preview of the Home

Real estate agents have their hands full with explaining all the details of the home to their potential buyers. They talk and negotiate about price, inspection, location, and many other essential details that can make or break the sale. However, when it comes to visualizing their life inside the home – real estate agents can’t do much if they don’t use virtual staging for this purpose.

If the buyers see the empty home, they may not be able to see themselves living there. It is undoubtedly more challenging to put yourself and your family inside four walls and windows. Nothing more. Well, once you stage the home and show the full potential of each room – then your customers can start picturing a life there.

Stagers create this visual delight with the help of designs, styles, and décor pieces that are all made in accordance with the buyer’s taste. A vacant space becomes a welcoming home, completely furnished and warm. What every agent must share with the buyers is that the home space still comes vacant when sold – the images represent what comes next—a short glimpse into their bright future.

Virtual Staging is a Digital Marketing Tool

As mentioned above, the Internet is here to stay, and it greatly impacts people’s everyday lives. This goes for people who look for their next home as well. The search for many starts right here, on the Internet, online. When you list a home, and a prospective buyer sees that listing, it cannot feel complete without a few images that show what the place would look like if furnished and decorated the right way.

Visually-pleasing listings will attract more buyers and will keep their interest long enough for them to call you and ask for more details. This is when real estate staging shines brightest – you will be able to show buyers the highest potential of each and every room, making it hard to resist. Moreover, they will surely appreciate your effort to showcase more than just empty, lifeless rooms.

Virtual Staging is a Creative Solution for Clutter and Unnecessary Details

There are times when, as a real estate agent, you will sell furnished homes. Unfortunately, sometimes these homes are cluttered, and they do not keep with the tone the buyers are expecting. Imagine them walking into a messy home, stuffed with numerous décor pieces that are not their preference. As much as they love the location, price, and size – they can be thrown off by the stuff they see inside. All this can break the deal.

In order to avoid this scenario, you can rely on a virtual stager to create the perfect space for your buyers. Neat space, clean walls, and no clutter. Décor pieces that are in accordance with their taste and stylish design can give them an idea of how they can decorate their future home. Because remember, they buy the space empty, so all that clutter mentioned before will be gone once they decide to own the place.

Virtual Staging is a Cost-Efficient Process

When compared, virtual staging is almost 90% cheaper than traditional home staging. Besides money, virtual staging also saves a ton of time and energy. As a real estate agent, you get the information about your clients’ preferences, then you hire a virtual staging agency, you share your and your clients’ ideas, and they will do the rest. After a few days, you will be ready to showcase a home in the real sense of the word.

Virtual Staging Works Best for These Rooms

Yes, it is available for the entire home and every room. However, the living room, the master bedroom, and the kitchen are known to be the best options if you are inclined to decide on one or two rooms. Here are more tips.

The Living Room – it is no surprise that the living room is in the top three rooms that can keep the clients’ interest. They would spend a lot of time in this room, relaxing with their family and friends too. When staging this part of the home, avoid presenting any personal belongings, go for more neutral tones, and include greenery and artwork.

The Master Bedroom – this is the place for intimacy, rest, and quality time. Since everyone’s taste can be quite different when it comes to this part of the home, don’t do anything too risky. Stay clear from themed bedrooms, show the storage features, and organize the bed.

The Kitchen – research has shown that most buyers want to see a clean (clean!) and decluttered kitchen, with lots of storage options and minimal décor pieces.

Final Thoughts about Virtual Staging and Real Estate

In conclusion, it is safe to say that the main point of virtual staging is to provide a realistic vision of what an empty place has the potential to offer. First impressions matter, and since most of the search for their next home is done online – including a picture of what a home can look like is a must for every listing you post as a real estate agent.

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