What are the Types of Services and Locks that Locksmiths offer

Locksmiths, simply put, are genial people. With them by your side, you will experience the services of a professional, friendly technician on your side 24/7. They are just a call away whenever you need their assistance. 

Hiring Locksmith Vs Do it yourself 

Often people think that installing a lock or securing a home is a simple task that they can do by themselves. Though initially, it may save some money, it is not a safe option. A locksmith has the much-needed knowledge and experience in this field to offer security, and thus they are more aware of locks much more than a do-it-yourselfer. 

Professional and trained locksmiths can perform a series of services such as a program or produce new keys/cards to replace items that are lost, rekey locks, repair and modify these devices, and install deadbolts, locks, and electronic/mechanical locking devices. The icing on the cake is locksmiths will be accessible to handle emergency calls of customers in situations such as lock malfunction or get locked in a car or a home due to forgetfulness. 

Products Offered by Locksmiths 

These are some products that professional Barrier Brisbane locksmiths offer their clients

Locks are the most basic and best security, to begin with. Here most basic means they are cost-effective and straightforward to install. Residential locksmiths will reach their client’s address and assess the best lock for their home. They will consider every access point to the home as well as its outbuildings along with the interior security needs. The different types of locks that they offer include,


This is a rectangular lock bolt that does not have any spring action. When fully projected, these get locked against the end pressure. Deadbolts are a common form of secondary household bolt.


This is a type of detachable lock that has a U bar hinged on one end. It has been specially designed to pass through a hasp’s staple or links in the chain and snapped shut. Often these locks are utilized on outbuildings such as pool houses or storage sheds.

Mortise Locks 

These locks fit easily into the pocket. They feature a cut at the door end where screws hold it in position. Mortise locks are more decorative and ornate and need locksmiths adept with woodworking.

Electronic Locks 

These locks come in a wide variety such as electronic key access, card access, fingerprint entry, keypads, and others. Electronic locks are an ideal choice for those that possess a budget. They are a perfect choice when there are valuable items at home such as an art collection or some antique furniture. 

Apart from these, there are other styles of locks too. Other items that people ask their locksmith to add to their residential security systems include decorative hardware (doorbells, gate hardware, gate hardware, and others), electronic security equipment (remote control key access, electronic locks, retinal scanners, facial-recognition technology, and others), and safes & vaults. 

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