Want to Change Your Floorings? Here are Your Options

Whether you are refurbishing your house or office, flooring is an essential element to consider. It adds to the ambiance and overall aesthetic of a room, and it also protects the foundation from the normal wear and tear because durable floors can prevent debris, moisture, and dirt from settling in, preserving the integrity of your home. While exploring the market, you will have a wide variety of selections to choose from. Here is a list of flooring types that you should consider.


Vinyl flooring is perhaps one of the most common types out there. It comes in two forms: vinyl sheets, which are used in areas like bathrooms and kitchens, and vinyl tiles that are usually installed in commercial spaces with high foot traffic. Vinyl is constructed by attaching a layer of foam or felt to the top layer; its price differs according to its thickness. In any case, vinyl flooring can endure heavy foot traffic. It is also comfortable and soundproof, so if you have kids or pets, this flooring type will be perfect for you.


Hardwood is a classic flooring choice. It is made of hardwood cut from the tree you choose, such as walnut, oak, cherry, or others. Hardwood flooring has two kinds of finishings: pre-finished before installation and unfinished flooring that gets sanded after the planks are installed on the floor. Despite their obvious sturdiness, they still have different levels of hardness. Since they are natural wood, they can be a bit pricey. However, it is a worthy investment.


If you are into the cozy and rustic aesthetic of wood but don’t want to break the bank, laminate flooring can be just right for you. Laminate flooring is a cost-efficient alternative to hardwood flooring; it is made of resin and pulp. It is no wonder that laminate floors are a popular choice these days, seeing as they provide a strong, moisture-resistant finish. Moreover, they are easy to install, so you can use them in different rooms and spaces.


Linoleum floors are not only associated with old kitchens, they have come a long in terms of design and style. The best thing about it is that it is made from recyclable, environment-friendly material, such as cork and linseed oil. Linoleum floorings take the form of sheets when installed and have different patterns and shades, resulting in a pleasing overall look. They can be covered with a protective coating to help improve its durability for a long time.


You can go big with stone flooring as it is one of the most expensive types. Floor tiles give a luxurious look, especially in dining rooms and living rooms, so you’ll guarantee that it will impress the guests. Granite, marble, travertine, and limestone are some good examples of stone flooring. If you decide to get this fancy flooring, we recommend sealing it with a coating to preserve its gorgeous appearance.

Polished Concrete

This one is for lovers of the modern style. Polished concrete gives a trendy look to spaces in your home or office. You can add dyes, colors, or stains to its surface to produce an elegant finish. It feels smooth to walk on and give a sophisticated atmosphere around the interior design of the building.

Ceramic Tile

When it comes to toughness, various color palettes, and versatility, ceramic tiles are great flooring options. By mixing shale and clay and then firing the combination in a kiln, you get a hardened ceramic tile. There are numerous types of ceramic tiles, such as porcelain, terracotta, glazed, and quarry. 

Each type differs in texture, colors, use, and durability. For instance, both the porcelain and glazed ceramics are stain-resistant, extra hard, and suitable for outdoor spaces. The terracotta and quarry tiles are unglazed, slightly rough, and not available in many colors. At the end of the day, it is all about your use of the tile.


Carpeting is a common flooring material, especially in bedrooms and living areas. It is made from structuring soft fibers together on a woven backing and then gluing more fibers to create a strong material. It is a neat choice and comes in many colors and patterns. Common materials forming carpet flooring are nylon, wool, polyester, acrylic, and polypropylene. All of such materials can withstand wear and tear, stains, mildew, and moisture to varying degrees.

Flooring a specific room or space is a hectic process, as the various options can be a bit overwhelming. However, when the task is finished, it will make a significant difference in the overall look and feel of your space. It is an integral part of interior design, after all, so you’ll want to make sure you get it right. With the guide provided here, you can give your floors a makeover and transform the entire space.

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