Vegas 55+ Communities: 10 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Independent Living Community

Independent seniors who are planning to move to Vegas 55+ communities may feel worried and overwhelmed with the idea of choosing some place that is not only beautiful, safe, and comfortable, but also one that is affordable. More often than not, these active senior citizens are more concerned with the environment and amenities available rather than the care provided. After all, moving to a retirement community doesn’t mean the end of the road for our seniors—it is simply a means for them to facilitate and continue living their full lives. 

What factors does one need to consider when choosing Vegas 55+ communities? There are several, but first, one must completely understand what comes with independent senior living. 


Vegas 55+ Communities: Living in an Independent Community

Vegas 55+ communities come in different shapes and sizes. The services they offer also vary especially on what level of care (if any) is available. An independent living community, a term mostly associated with the concept of a retirement community—is where seniors live on their own. Seniors live in this community just like the way they would in their own home. Certain amenities and services, like a full-service community dining area, might make the lives of the elderly a lot easier, but for the most part, independent living isn’t really any different from what active seniors had before they moved. 

How is Independent Living Different from Assisted Living?

For some, independent living in Vegas 55+ communities may not seem any different from assisted living. Both are for seniors who do not need skilled nursing assistance or do not have memory issues. Both promote active lifestyles for seniors as much as possible, and the amenities for both are often quite similar. The only difference is that in assisted living, a certain level of care is offered, whereas independent living simply just provides seniors with a place to live. 

Seniors in assisted living communities may need help with their day-to-day activities that isn’t otherwise provided in standard retirement communities. In assisted living communities, seniors are provided with medical needs, and a staff member is usually on stand-by in case help is required. This distinction is very important: independent senior retirees may not want to pay more for care they don’t need. Seniors with real medical and care needs must be confident with the community they choose.


Vegas 55+ Communities: Things to Consider in Choosing a Retirement Community

So what factors are deemed necessary when choosing retirement communities? Below are 10 important considerations:


One of the biggest factors when it comes to choosing a retirement community is the availability of dining services. This matters if you want to be provided with meals every day, or if you have one of those days where you simply don’t want to cook. Find out whether there is a dedicated chef and wait staff preparing and serving meals, or if the food is served cafeteria-style. What if you want to you want to enjoy a quick snack or have a cup of tea or coffee in the middle of the day? These are important things to ask as you look into Vegas 55+ communities. 

On-site services and amenities

This is where choosing a retirement community becomes more specific—what can the community give you so that you can live the life you want? Does it have amenities like shopping centers, hair salons, music rooms, gardens, libraries, laundry services, housekeeping services, gym centers, and a concierge? These amenities make great Vegas 55+ communities stand out from the less adequate ones. 

The greater community

Does the community offer opportunities for exercise, entertainment, cultural pursuits, religious services, sightseeing, and fun? This is not limited to the retirement community alone, but in its neighboring areas and the metro area as a whole. An independent living community is not just a self-contained unit, but rather an extension of the overall community surrounding it as well. 

Exercise and Wellness Opportunities

Active seniors jump at every opportunity they get to exercise and improve their wellbeing. The best retirement communities should be able to provide such options. Yoga, strength training, and tai chi classes are all aimed towards keeping senior residents fit. Community amenities such as exercise/gym rooms and swimming pools also promote active and healthy lifestyles for seniors. 


Some active seniors do not need a lot of help or assistance. However, it provides them with a peace of mind that help is available in case they need help with moving heavy furniture, or carrying groceries, or assistance after a fall. You might want to look into a community that offers both independent and assisted living options. 


For seniors who plan on keeping their cars, they need to make sure the community they choose allows it and provides them with a parking space. Just like any normal person, seniors do not want to be homebound, but for those who do not have cars, it would be a great idea to ask about a shuttle service offered within the community, or a public transportation nearby. 

Pet Rules

Different retirement communities have different pet policies. If you currently do not own a cat or dog (or any other pet), this will not be an issue. But for those with pets, pet rules are a huge factor especially when they have to choose between bringing it to their new home or giving them away for adoption.

Family Friendly

For seniors with grandkids who visit them regularly, it is important to choose a community that welcomes them, especially since they are an important part of their lives. Some retirement communities—even with full apartments—may not allow family visits or restrict the visitation hours. For this reason, it is important that you know the policies before you come to a decision. 


One of the things you can never ignore when choosing a retirement community is the cost. You need to have an idea of how much you are willing or are able to spend but, at the same time, you must also be prepared to spend more for the amenities you want. 

These are just a few of the factors one needs to consider when choosing a retirement community. We all have different priorities, but that in its fact is the most important—your priorities matter. Choose what factors you believe matter most to you and keep them on top of your mind as you seek out potential Vegas 55+ communities. 

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