Trendy Furniture Made Simple: A DIYer’s Guide to Hairpin Legs

The average homeowner will spend thousands furnishing a new space. From large upholstery pieces like sofas and armchairs to rugs and wall art, creating a zen place to call home takes time and significant funds.

If you need to furnish a new home or breath new life into your space, designing on a budget can feel like a daunting task.


That’s why you need to unleash your creative side and embrace a DIY project. Hairpin legs are an easy and simple DIY furniture trick that can fool your friends into thinking you hired an interior designer.

These slick legs and architectural details add a touch of luxury to most plain furniture pieces. Read on to learn how to handle this DIY design idea and transform any room in your home. 

What Are Hairpin Legs? 

Hairpin legs are furniture legs constructed of metal or steel. The leg resembles an opened hairpin. The widest part of the leg is drilled to the bottom of a tabletop or base of a chair. 

Black metal hairpin legs are most common and preferred for a chic and modern style aesthetic. This material requires less maintenance than wood legs or other finishes.

You won’t have to worry about scratches or the chance of breakage. Hairpin legs are solidly built and can add the stylish touch your home decor needs. 

DIY Hairpin Leg Process  

So how can you create your own furniture projects with hairpin legs? You’ll just need a few materials to get started: 

  • Table or desk surface 
  • Screws 
  • Drill and hammer 
  • Tape measurer 
  • Hairpin legs 

If fastening hairpin legs to a table or desk surface, choose a material that can stand up to drilling. For example, walnut or oak wood works well. Unless you have industrial-grade tools or experience handling heavy materials, avoid projects with glass or marble. 

Putting It Together 

Measure and mark the areas where you will drill and position the legs in place. Make sure you’ve purchased quality hairpin legs and have accounted for height, wide, and size dimensions.

Check out to purchase hairpin legs for your next project. Use your drill or hammer to insert the proper screws into the holes of the hairpin leg base.

Hammer or drill until the screws extend through the base and secure the legs in place. Flip over the tabletop or chair and enjoy your new DIY furniture piece! 

Hairpin Table Legs 

While a dining table or desk may be a practical project, think about other tabletop surfaces like end tables or television stands. 

Go for a natural wood look with a tabletop glaze. Or choose a colorful tabletop color to add some personality to the room. 

Hairpin Chair Legs 

Hairpin legs perfectly suit modern-style chair bases. However, you can repurpose a traditional or thrift chair by adding modern hairpin legs.  

These Sleek Furniture Legs Will Bring Your Interior Design to New Levels 

Hairpin legs are an elegant and low-maintenance alternative to traditional materials. If you’ve never completed a DIY project, don’t stress! Hairpin legs are easy to install and make a huge impact with minimal effort.

Choose a tabletop or chair base to match the leg style and get creative with your furniture colors and styles.

If you found this information helpful, then check out our other home decor stories.   

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