Tree Lopping and Removal is a Difficult Job

Tree Lopping and Removal is a Difficult Job

Lopping is a method of cutting branches on a tree and professionals use it when a tree needs to be cut back for various reasons. But the best thing to do when you think your tree might need this is to do an online search for ‘tree loppers near me’. Tree lopping and removal are not easy and it is dangerous so the best thing to avoid property damage and injuries is to call in a tree expert. We’ll clean up all the Trav’s Trees hedge trimming, and turn it into mulch for your garden.There are very specific procedures to follow so here is a look at how that process looks.

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Professionals will form a plan first

The first thing that anyone must do before they start the actual work is to come up with a detailed plan. Looking at the height of the tree and then judging the distance from other structures or objects. Knowing which direction to take it down and how to do so safely. If the space around the tree is especially limited then it may be that they decide to do it in chunks rather than taking the whole tree down and then cutting it up. This might look like the tree lopping Sydney service you have done for maintenance reasons occasionally. 

Other things to think about are the branches and which ones need to come off first. Then the lean of the trunk is another factor and the safety issues. If there are nearby power or phone lines, is there any piping close by and being able to set up the rigging so that it is safe. The good thing about having professionals do this is they have done it before, they know what to look for, what needs to be taken into account, and they have all the proper gear to keep them safe as they go up the tree and the best equipment for cutting the tree safely.

Using the right equipment and cutting technique

As mentioned having the right techniques and equipment is essential and that is part of the reason to find tree loppers near me. Essentially they use a rope and a harness as they go up the tree and use a chainsaw to lop off branches as they climb. Small branches can be allowed to free-fall down to the ground as they are not dangerous. Larger and more dangerous ones will need rigging before cutting so then it can be safely lowered with their partner’s help.

In some cases, a tree may be cut down using a technique called whole tree rigging. In these methods, nobody goes up the tree. It is brought down in large parts, using rigging to carefully lower them down. It is a safe method of removal but does take longer and can be more expensive.

Have the stump removed too!

When the tree is down safely you are left with the stump. Some people after tree lopping Sydney and tree removal choose to not have the stump removed because it is an additional cost. It is a good idea though to have it dealt with right away so that the roots do not become brittle and a problem, and so that pests do not use it and then head into your home! There are several options with stump removal, chemicals, burning, grinding and digging.

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