Top Reasons Why Proper Maintenance of Parking Lots Is Worth Every Penny You Spend

With a lot of pressure on time and budgets, maintenance of parking lots often gets neglected. For both offices and shopping centers, well-maintained parking lots are valuable assets and worth every penny you spend on their maintenance. A quick rundown of the principal benefits of parking lot maintenance:

Enhances Curb Appeal 

The appearance and condition of the parking lot speak volumes about the professionalism of the business and can often be a tipping factor for customers to give their business or go somewhere else. Ill-maintained parking lots are liable to accumulate dirt and debris while faded parking lot lines, potholes, cracked tarmac, and rainwater puddles may deter customers from visiting. A clean, well-maintained, and properly lit parking lot can entice visitors with a positive perception of your business even before they have stepped inside.

Increases Safety

A badly-maintained parking lot with potholes or fractures in the blacktop can cause customers to trip and fall. Not only will a poorly maintained parking lot turn off customers but accidents causing personal injury to visitors may result in your being dragged into expensive lawsuits. Water pooling in the parking lot also can cause extensive damage to the surface as well as result in an unhealthy and unsanitary environment. Faded stop lines and safety or direction signage can confuse, backing up of traffic, and even accidents. According to, proper lighting in the parking lot can make it easier for people to spot potential hazards.

Maximizes Parking 

Lack of maintenance of the parking lot can cause it to become disorganized and prevent customers from parking properly. This not only can impede the traffic but prevent the lot from accommodating its optimum capacity. Accumulation of garbage, debris, as well as the presence of potholes, puddles, or badly-lit areas can deter customers. Customers may park unlawfully leading to disruption of the free flow of traffic and overcrowding, which is a major turnoff for customers. Jet Seal parking lot maintenance ensures proper markings and upkeep, allowing the number of parking slots to be maximized and the flow of traffic made smooth, both of which can add significantly to the positive experience of customers.

Boosts Longevity 

By spending the right amount at the right time, you can prevent yourself from having to spend far more to carry out more extensive repairs in the future. Simple measures to maintain the surface of the parking lot can help to prevent degradation of the foundation and extend the lifespan of the lot significantly. It is important to keep track of damage due to the elements as ignoring it can quicken the deterioration and simple cracks or potholes in high traffic areas may develop into serious problems necessitating the closure of the section to enable carrying out of major repairs.


Maintaining the parking lot well can have rich dividends; not only is the curb appeal enhanced helping to bring in more business but property managers can accommodate more cars, prevent overcrowding and traffic backing up. With proper maintenance, they are better protected against personal injury lawsuits and complaints against non-compliance of regulations. Regular maintenance prevents the damages from building up and requiring much more expensive repairs in the long run.

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