Top Five Tips To Keep Your Wooden Floor Neat And Clean

When it comes to choosing between flooring options, people prefer hardwood above everything else. And why shouldn’t they?  Hardwood flooring is durable, elegant, and it increases the overall value of your home. Once you install it inside your living space, you will literally spend half of your day admiring its beauty. However, if not maintained and cleaned properly, it will eventually become dull and lifeless. 

Installing hardwood flooring comes with its disadvantages. Wood flooring is costly and can run you up to 12 dollars per square foot, depending on the type of wood you choose. The dirt and dust you bring in with your shoes, the juice you might spill on it, and you are out of luck if you have pets. All these things can damage wooden flooring pretty easily. Not to mention, using the wrong cleaning equipment can also quickly change its appearance from fabulously beautiful to an eyesore.

However, if you keep them clean and tidy at all times, the investment is worth every dollar bill you put in. Here is a list of tips that will allow you to keep your wooden flooring neat and tidy at all times. 

Avoid Moping A Dirty Wooden Floor

Many people take the easy way out by mopping a dirty floor without first cleaning off grit and sand from it. To put things into perspective, when you apply a mop onto a dirty and dusty wooden floor, mud accumulates everywhere. So, with every swing of the mop, all you are doing is spreading the muck all over the surface. The grit present inside this mud destroys the finish of your wooden flooring, making it look scratched.

What you should do is vacuum or sweep the dust off the wooden floor first, then take a damp mop to it. Nonetheless, frequent mopping tends to dull out the top ayer of protective wax or varnish. You will have to get it redone by a professional floor refinishing service. For example, suppose you reside in Georgia. In that case, you can search for Atlanta floor refinishing online and hire professional services to remove any dullness from your wooden flooring.

Use The Right Floor Cleaning Products To Avoid Damage

Wooden floors stain very easily. And if you do not choose the right cleaning product, you’ll be looking at some hideous stains, especially if you have kids around the house. Floor Cleaning products can do wonders for your wood flooring. However, due to the availability of thousands of such products, it is easy to get the wrong ones. Before you go to your local supermarket to grab some cleaning products, research what is safe to use on your wooden flooring. A perfect place to start is contacting the manufacturer of your wooden floor and asking for product recommendations.

Although, to be on the safe side, stay away from acidic cleaners as they will slowly eat through your wooden flooring overtime, destroying it. you can also contact with Timber supplies for any wood product.

Buff The Wooden Flooring With A Microfiber Cloth

Water is usually an enemy for all types of wooden flooring out there, whether timber or cherry tree wood. Applying too much water on top of any wood flooring can cause it to swell, crack, and smell. This is why, when we talked about using a mop, we specifically stated using a damp one, and not one that is dripping wet!

If you buff your wooden flooring with a clean microfiber cloth, not only will you make it neat and tidy, but you will also enhance its shine. So, even if you overwet it, ensure that you completely dry it with a soft dry lint-free cloth for that ‘perfect’ finish!

Remove The Buildup Of Wax And Oils On The Top

The most common culprit of wooden floors appearing cloudy is dull is wax and oil buildup. This wax buildup occurs over time because of using the wrong cleaning products, walking, and even dragging things across the floor. This is a natural degenerative process you pretty much can’t avoid. But you can delay it over time. For starters, don’t drag the chair across the floor; pick it up instead!

It is best to choose floor cleaning products that contain less wax and oils. Also, completely stay away from products that promise you a sparkling and shiny wooden floor because those are morelikely to have more of the two in them. Excess wax and oil tend to accumulate on the surface and erode with time. They make the wood appear shiny when you apply them but quickly wear out as time goes by. As an alternative, go for products that are oil and acid-free. They will give you the cleanest and shiniest appearance.

Hire A Professional Floor Cleaning Service 

When you hire a professional floor cleaning service, you will make things considerably easy for yourself while ensuring your floor’s longevity. They’re called professionals for a reason and know how to get the job done most effectively. They will use top-of-the-line cleaning products and equipment to safely remove grime, dirt, and wax buildup and restore your floor to its original glory.


With some preventative measures, a little elbow grease, regular maintenance, and some good old common sense, you can keep your wooden flooring looking like new for years to come. At the end of the day, if all is done right, wooden floors are one of the easiest types of flooring options to maintain and keep nice and clean.

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