Toilet Always Running? Here’s Why You Need to Call a Plumber

Did you notice your toilet always running water? That is one of the most insidious problems homeowners can experience in the bathroom.  

A running toilet happens when the inner workings of the toilet begin to malfunction.

Studies reveal that if your toilet is constantly running, it can leak over a gallon of water per hour. This amount can go up, depending on the water pressure in your house.

Not only is it a clear sign that you’re wasting water, but it also means you’re wasting money.

Since it doesn’t cause any flooding, the problem conceals itself quite well. Sometimes, you will only realize the problem once the latest water bill arrives.

Thus, the need to call a plumber arises. But what if you have no idea that your toilet is constantly running water? What are the other signs you should look out for?

Continue reading below for the answers.

Toilet Always Running Water

Let us first discuss the heart of the matter, which is your toilet always running water. For starters, this can happen if the chain of the tank doesn’t seal off the hole at the bottom of the tank. 

Open the lid and check the chain. If it doesn’t seal the hole properly, then adjust it accordingly. The key is to adjust the length of the chain by unlatching the clip. From there, you can increase or decrease the chain’s length.

But if there is no problem with the positioning of the chain, then you need to probe deeper.

Determining a problem with a running toilet requires some silence and some listening. 

After flushing your toilet, don’t leave the bathroom immediately. Instead, wait for the toilet’s water tank to fill up. Thereafter, listen closely if you hear any sound of running water.

Alternatively, you can take food coloring and give the water tank a few drops. Examine the toilet bowl without flushing. You want to see if a streak of colored water comes out. 

If there is, it means your toilet is running water. 

Additionally, take off the lid of the toilet tank and check for weird noises coming from the mechanisms. You also want to flush it with the lid off to see if everything is working as they should.

If you want to do it yourself then firstly, you need a diploma in most states to become a plumber. If you want to do it yourself then firstly, you need a diploma in most states to become a plumber. And assuming that you don’t know how to fix a toilet, don’t hesitate to call a plumber immediately.

Otherwise, you contribute to losing a trillion gallons of water annually.

Tank Refills Slowly

Aside from a toilet constantly running, a toilet that slowly runs water (or doesn’t run water at all) also requires a visit from the plumber. There are a few reasons why your toilet tank doesn’t refill water as fast as it should.

The problem can be a leaking flapper. Sometimes, it is a broken flush valve that keeps water from flowing in. Thus, open the tank’s lid and flush your toilet while keeping your eyes on the flush valve. 

Check if there is some water trickling or if the valve is sticking. If it does, then you need to call a plumber to replace it. 

As for the flapper, check if there is some water seeping through it. If there is, then expect your tank to fill up slowly. In this case, you need to contact your plumber to seal the leak. 

Water Forming Around the Toilet Base

Do you notice some water forming near the toilet base? That is another cause for concern that requires a plumber’s help. But before you call one, you need to make sure there is truly a leak.

Take a few pieces of paper towels and dry up the wet area surrounding the toilet base. Thereafter, place a fresh set of paper towels in the same area. Leave the toil for a couple of hours then check if the area becomes wet anew.

If it does, then it means the wax seal around the toilet has expired. Call a plumber who can replace the wax ring.

But what if the paper towels remain dry? Then you need to perform the paper towel check method, but this time at the point where the tank and hose supply connect.

It Doesn’t Flush

A toilet that doesn’t flush is one of the most annoying problems that you need to resolve fast. Sometimes, it takes multiple flushing attempts before you eliminate the waste for good. 

Sometimes, the toilet is incapable of making a single flush altogether. In both instances, there is likely a problem with the flushing mechanism. It can be a problem with the flush handle.

It can also be problems with the internal flushing mechanism.

Again, this is a task that ordinary homeowners cannot fix. 

Unsolvable Clogging

Last but not least is clogging in the toilet that doesn’t seem to go away. But let’s first get something straight. Clogging is one of the most common problems in the bathroom. 

Clogging is also normal. Most of the time, you can clear up the clog with the help of your trusty plunger. But if the clogging doesn’t go away or recurs for more than once in a week, then it is best to call a plumber right away.

A plumber can get rid of the clogging and clean up the pipe. He can also install drain screens to keep your pipes from clogging up anew.

But if the clogging persists, then there may be an underlying problem that requires extensive attention. Unsolvable clogging is a sign of a possible problem with your plumbing system. If there are old trees near your property, their roots can grow and reach your plumbing system.

In turn, the roots can damage the pipes and impede their function. Additionally, if you hear gurgling and suction noises all the time, it also warrants a visit by the plumber. 

And if you live in Tacoma, make sure to go for a reputable professional like this local plumbing service.

Address Other Problems in Your House

A toilet always running is something that you shouldn’t take for granted. By calling a plumber immediately, you can save money and stop wasting water at the same time. But a faulty toilet is only one of the many problems you can experience at home.

Learn how to fix different problems by reading our other articles. We tackle tips and suggestions to keep your home systems running smoothly.

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