Three Mistakes You Can’t Make When Ordering A Pond Pump

Having a large property with a pond in between is a dream for many people. However, the best thing one can do to amplify the lookup to a great extent is to get a fountain when there’s a pond in the garden or anywhere on the property. There are decorative fountains that add style to the house and provide a soothing presence all over. People can enjoy their little time in the garden by having a fountain and water body at their own house. A fountain not only amplifies the look of the pond as well as the house, but it helps to keep the water body healthy. This means if there’s any aquatic life in the pond, they will get the best nutrients if there’s a fountain in it. It helps to circulate the oxygen in the pond and prevent the foul smell and algae from growing. 

But, this will only happen when the fountain runs on the ideal pump that it requires. If the pump doesn’t have the required strength to make the water body circulate then, it will start building algae, mosquitoes, and dirt in the pond. Not only is it harmful to aquatic lives, but it’s also embarrassing. So, it’s important to find the ideal pond pump so that it evenly distributes the oxygen levels in the pond. Since people are unaware of such factors, they tend to make mistakes. Here’s a list of the few common mistakes that people make while choosing a pond pump. Let’s take a look to avoid them in the future.

Not Considering the Type of the Pump

Not every type of pump is suitable for all fountains. If anyone wants to yield the best advantages of a fountain, then there are mainly two types of pond pumps available; external and submersible. Each of them has its own advantages, but it depends on its application. This is why it’s important to consider knowing about them before people order a pond pump. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money. The submersible pond pumps are mainly designed to be installed in the deepest part of the pond. It remains underwater, and these are placed into a skimmer box. The size of these submersible pond pumps mostly ranges from 50 to 5000 gallons per hour. This means in an hour it can circulate that much amount of water. These are economical choices, especially if people have smaller ponds. If there are aquatic lives in the pond, then it’s best to opt for the one that never uses oil as it holds the potentiality for oil leakage. 

On the other hand, the external pond pumps are an energy-efficient and reliable solution. But these are not installed underwater and are mainly installed in a location near the pond. Mainly if anyone has a larger-sized pond, then an external pond pump will work the best as compared to the submersible pump. Typically it makes a little noise, and it requires professionals to install the pump due to its complicacy. So, consider these two different types of pond pumps when ordering them. 

Overlooking the Circulation Factors

There are certain factors that one needs to consider for ensuring proper water aeration.  It’s ideal for the pond water to be circulated at least once or twice per hour. This means if the water in the pond is 500 gallons, then it requires a pump that functions at 500 gallons per hour. If there are any waterfalls in the pond, then the water needs to be circulated every hour. So, these are the circulation factors that people overlook at the time of choosing the pond pump. But, the whole purpose of buying a fountain and a pond pump is to keep the water circulated and oxygenated. If that’s not being fulfilled, then it’ll be a waste of money. This is why people should consider water circulation factors too. 

Ignoring the Measurement of the Head & Lift Height

The most important measurement is to calculate the head and lift height when choosing the pond pump for a fountain or a pond. The head height indicates the vertical height at which the pump helps the water to be raised above the surface. The topmost part up to which the water can be lifted is called the max head. The lift size indicates the distance the water has to travel from the top of the fountain to the pump location. These are two important calculations one should do prior to deciding the size of the pump that can conduct the same function. These careful considerations and research before choosing a pond pump will ensure that people get the ideal pond pump to help the water body to remain healthy and clean. 

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