Three Methods To Make Homemade Pressure Washer Detergent

A pressure washer is a blessing; it makes outdoor washing things much more manageable. However, the pressure washer machines are expensive, and the expenditure doesn’t stop because you have to get the washer detergent. 

There is a solution to everything, and the answer to this is making a homemade pressure washer detergent. 


Here are three recipes (one for each outdoor element) to make pressure washer detergent at home. 

  • Detergent for concrete 

Cleaning concrete floors and hard surfaces in outdoor areas cannot be just done with a pressure washer. You will also need a detergent to ensure things are properly cleaned. If you don’t want to spend more money on soap, here is how you can make one.  



    • One gallon of water 
    • One and a half cup of Borax 
    • Half cup of washing soda 
    • One tablespoon dish soap (liquid)



Pour water (one gallon) into a large bucket and then add Borax, followed by washing soda. Mix it for a few minutes and dish soap. Now stir the solution thoroughly. Before you pour the detergent, make sure that the area does not have any debris. Now put the detergent and wash it away.   


  • Detergent for Cars

This washer is nothing like the ones you buy, but it will get your car cleaned. Keeping in mind the car’s body, there is less bleaching solution so that the detergent made is considerably lighter. 



    • One gallon of water 
    • Twelve tablespoons of detergent (laundry) powder 



Take a half bucket of hot water and pour the detergent in it. However, be careful not to stir the soap too much as you will end up making suds. Wash the bottom of the car first with low

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