Thinking About Getting Into Real Estate? Here’s What You Need To Know

At some point in life, some will face it sooner than others, it will be time to buy your first property. It is the goal of most children to swiftly move out of their parent’s home and branch out into independence. It is the wish of a new mom to stop renting and finally have somewhere to build lasting memories. Whatever your reason for wanting to secure an abode, it’s valid and nothing should stop you. Take into consideration these tips as you go along your journey.

Special Loans Exist For Veterans And Physicians

A lot of people are not aware of this key information and as a result, lose out. If you served or currently serve in the U.S military or are a recent medical school graduate or practicing doctor, securing a loan as first time home buyers may be much easier than anticipated. As a serviceman or woman, the VA loan allows you and even your spouse access to funds that can help buy, build, or repair a home. 


The veterans’ benefits administration absorbs some of the cost of your loan making lenders more likely to approve your financial request. With this special loan your interest rates, on average, will be lower than many others. Closing costs will be lowered and there will be no premium attached to your monthly mortgage installments. 

As a physician, there could be absolutely no need for a downpayment. Just present your signed employment contract to get the ball rolling. Not every lending institution is licensed to offer this type of loan so conduct your due diligence. 

Shop Within Your Means

Big, beautifully built homes with sprawling yards would attract the majority of people. There would be a lot of space for outdoor activities, hostings, playing with children, exercising, the list goes on. Most people, given their way, would possess a grand home. If that is within your budget, go for it. If it isn’t stop torturing yourself by constantly looking at related posts or pictures. What that will lead you to do is go in way over your head and end up in a bind. 

Consult your bank for a detailed rundown of your accounts. Find out what amount they would be willing to lend. Know what loans you qualify for. From there you can more rationally begin looking for properties. Horse before the cart, not the other way round. 

Be Careful With How You File Your Taxes

Looking for the loophole, that one area that can be manipulated to decrease the amount you pay in taxes is not unique. Everybody who has to pay taxes goes through this process every year. And you may come across some ways to whittle the total down to a fraction of the initial amount. Immediately there’s happiness, relief, and mental planning on how to make use of that saved money.

When it comes to qualifying for loans, however, this could come back to haunt you. Lenders revise and analyze your taxable income in its totality when deciding whether to allot you funds. As a contracted employee also be cautious. Your net income is not what is considered, your gross income is. So while in the moment paying less tax might be awesome, when you’re ready for homeownership, you may encounter some roadblocks. 

Adjust Your Budget 

Let’s say the monthly payment decided upon by your lending institution is two thousand dollars and you figure you can meet that amount. Great! But did you consider your credit card debt, or outstanding bills, student loan payments, or even groceries? The point is to look holistically at what you can comfortably accommodate. Believe it or not, some of these things can slip through the cracks only to resurface and cause stress. 

Only being able to meet your mortgage payments should not be your reality after closing on a home. There should be money left over for all basic needs and for enjoying life. Don’t box yourself into a corner with poor planning and become regretful over your home purchase. 

Buying and owning your first home is a milestone. One that should be celebrated. Take the proper steps to do the process right from step one until the last. Hire a professional mortgage lender to walk you through the application and acquisition process. Find out if you qualify for special loans and get your relevant documents ready. Always shop for properties that are comfortably within your means so as to avoid remorse later on. And remember, tax write-offs and escape routes hurt your loan qualification odds.

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