Things you need before your young one wreaks havoc!

The 2-4 age group can knock the life out of parents! As a parent, you might have thought your job was done with the ritual of baby proofing. Little did you know your baby will soon grow up to be a toddler monster who loves to make chaos, creates a mess for fun! The adorably frustrating bit? You can’t even get mad at them because oh gosh don’t they look darn cute when they are being naughty? Well, instead of moaning and whining about the wreck, you need to get your act together. And by that, we mean you need to shop for items that you need if you have a young one who can kick and thrash about!

1-Cabinet locks

Well, we can’t see why you would blame your three-year-old if the toddler indeed drags all of your clothes out of your cabinet. You should have installed cabinet locks! Sounds like a ritual of baby proofing, but is valid for a four-year-old young one as well. Kids that age are all inquisitive, they love to explore the contents of a cabinet with more attention if it is within their reach. Make sure you keep your treasure troves well hidden!

2-Stove-knob covers

We really don’t need to go into the details of this one, do we? A spike has been observed in the burner accidents in the last few years, and most of the time, the culprit is a reaching toddler. Knob covers are a perfect way of ensuring that your young one doesn’t burn down the house by mistake!

3- Door stopper wall protectors

Fingers in your ears once your young one learns all there is to learn about banging a door. Your walls are going to beg for mercy with the amount of door banging that is going to ensue once the little fella can use all his might. Or her might, since little girls are no less enthusiastic than boys of their age! How can you minimize the damage that all that door banging is going to inflict on your house walls? Buy a durable, easy to install door stop wall protector! Once you stick the door knob wall protector in the right place, your worries are over, no matter how ferocious a storm hits your walls!

4- Rugs

Rugs are important since your young one is prone to falling more at this age. So, make sure you have got the area well cushioned by rugs, the lesser the hard floor is visible, the better. Of course, this is not permanent, you can make changes once your young one is all grown up!

5- A toy box

Not going to lie, most of the times a baby trips is because of its own toys. And the practice continues even as the babies grow up. So, to avoid the scattered mess around your home, which no one is going to like anyway, you should stow away all the toys in a toy box. Oh, and please do make sure the one that you buy comes with a soft flap instead of a heavy lid.

Well mums and dads, there you are. Looks like your shopping list is all sorted! There are a ton of other things that you might have to buy apart from door stopper wall protector or rugs, but we are afraid you will have to look them up by yourself. That’s all from us for now, good luck managing the mess read more click here