These Are the Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets

These Are the Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re looking to improve the comfort and ambiance of your home, the kitchen’s a great place to get started.

According to the latest cost-vs-value report, even a minor kitchen refurbishment can yield a 77% ROI when you sell your home. 


Are you ready to get started? Check out these different types of kitchen cabinets to choose from.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Simple and sophisticated shaker cabinets feature a five-piece design and are one of the most popular cabinet styles around.

The design consists of a wood frame with a flat central panel. This classic look suits most interior decorating styles and it’s easy to find cabinets with this design. 

Inset-Style Cabinets

Unlike most kitchen cabinets, these cabinets feature doors that fit flush with the cabinet frame.

This seamless look is among the most expensive styles due to the intricate measurements involved in their construction.

They are one of the longest-lasting types of cabinets and easy to personalize with beaded exterior inserts. 

Louvered Cabinet Styles

Another expensive design style, these cabinets feature slats of wood inside the door frame.

They’re ideal for cabinets that need ventilation due to the spaces between the slats.

Louvered cabinets give your kitchen a unique look but dust can settle on the slanted wood slats. So, you’ll need to wipe them down more regularly than less intricate designs. 

Beadboard Cabinets

These cabinets suit farmhouse kitchen designs to the tee. They consist of rows of vertical planks adorned with ridges along their edges. 

This style gives beadboard cabinets texture and a country charm that suits the farm style perfectly.

They’re another high maintenance option when it comes to cleaning though. 

Distressed Cabinet Options

If you love the old-world style, distressed cabinets are a good choice for you. They’re designed to look weathered and worn.

Like authentic antique furniture, they feature rubbed corners and faded wood patterns.

You can arrange for a craftsman to perform these aging techniques on any type of cabinet for a nominal fee. The extra charge is usually about 15% of the total cost of your cabinets. 

Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets

These cabinet doors are also known as slab doors. They’re completely smooth in design with no adornments and suit modern, minimalist kitchens.

Thanks to the total lack of detail involved in building these cabinets, they’re a cost-effective option if you’re working within a tight budget.

Thermofoil Cabinets

Thermofoil kitchen cabinets consist of medium-density fiberboard molded into shape. Manufacturers then wrap the doors in a type of plastic and bake them until sealed.

Since they’re mass-produced, these cabinets are a cheap option for budget-conscious homeowners. They’re also easy to keep clean and a low maintenance choice. 

Custom Types of Kitchen Cabinets

If none of these types of kitchen cabinets suit your style, you could always opt for custom-designed cabinets that do.

Working with an interior designer’s the best way to ensure you get exactly the look you want throughout your home. 

According to, you don’t need a Hollywood budget to create your ideal home either. 

Creating Perfect Interiors

Now that you’re armed with knowledge about the types of kitchen cabinets available, what about the rest of your home?

Our blog posts offer inspiration and tips on every kind of home improvement project. Keep reading for more. 

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