These Are the Common Types of Siding for Homes

The home’s exterior is often one of the forgotten aspects of the structure. When you purchase a home. it’s what draws you to the property. We spend most of our time either away from home or inside and before we know it, years have passed.

One day we’re turning into the driveway and realize the place has lost its curb appeal. It’s now time to explore different types of siding to give the home a much-needed makeover.


Are you tired of coming home to a drab exterior? Does your neighbor’s home outshine yours? Keep reading to learn more about the different siding options to give your home a new look.

Different Types of Siding Choices

When home siding comes up in a conversation people immediately think about wood or vinyl siding. The truth is any protective covering for a home’s exterior is considered siding.

The purpose is to protect the exterior walls from the elements. When choosing home siding, you’ll want to consider the climate you live in. 

Choose a professional siding company like The Trough Man for their knowledge and years of experience.

Stucco Siding 

Stucco siding provides design options that are not available with most prefabricated siding. You have the ability to be creative and work with the craftsman to come up with your own patterns.

Your stucco installation should be performed by a professional stucco installer. They will check the surface for cracking or other damage from the foundation settling over time. Wood structures are mandated by your local construction permitting office.

To ensure your siding will last and endure harsh weather, they may need to install wire lath and weather resistant film prior to installation.

The finished product is painted in the color of your choice to add another layer of protection.

Vinyl or Aluminum

With advancements in technology, vinyl and aluminum siding choices have improved. The styles and overall durability have made this product a better option.

Plus, current housing designs call for these kinds of siding over stucco choices. Or you have the option to incorporate both. This choice also comes color-coated so you don’t have to paint.

This siding option is also paintable so you can stay abreast of current color trends without having to replace the siding.

Engineered Wood Siding

Made from composite wood, engineered wood siding is a less expensive option. It allows for flexibility and the design closely mirrors wood planks. Installation is fast, and it is easier to modify to crevices and outbuilds in the structure.

Pair your engineered wood siding with popular stacked stone panels or simulated bricks. This will give your home a more modern and earthy design.

It’s Time for a Makeover

The types of siding you choose do not have to blend in with the rest of the neighborhood unless you live in a planned community. Also, consider your home improvement budget.

Looking for more renovation and remodeling ideas? Check out our awesome ideas on how to decorate your home inside and out.


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