The Perfect Sandbox for you Kids

Remember how fun it was to play in the sandbox in the park, school recess and in the backyard (if you had one)?

The 90s kids spent hours in the sandbox until it was finally sundown.

Surprisingly the generation-z kids enjoy this activity as well. The sandbox is a blank canvas for any child to explore their imagination with their own little hands. If your child hasn’t used sand before then introduce them it slowly and supervise them until they are old enough to understand what sand is.

 If you’re looking for a sandbox for your kids that is practical and would be easy for you to clean up after the little ones are done using it. Then here are some options.

1. The pirate sand boat

The sandbox themed as a boat is perfect for the kids who enjoy pirate stories. Other than that the sandbox is convenient to use and assemble. It has a mesh that prevents the sand from falling out of the box and can be used in your backyard parties as it has space for more than one child to play in it.  Also, the sand boat is weather-resistant which means that even if it is kept outside for a long time it won’t be damaged in any way.

2. Little Tikes Sandbox

It is the perfect sandbox for the kindergarten school play area or the backyard of a house. The sandbox is big enough to accommodate a child who would like to sit in the box. The plastic of the sandbox is durable and it has a lid which can be closed when the sandbox is not being used. The lid is mostly used to keep the kitties away. Lastly, the sandbox is deep which means that the little ones can dig in it too.

3. Step 2 sandbox

Are you looking for a sandbox that would be good in your house and outside too? Then you’ve found the perfect one. It is made of resilient plastic, can hold up to 90kgs of sand and a lid. The box is big enough to allow four kids to play at one time. Lastly, when the kids are all grown up you can use the sandbox to plant an indoor tree or grow something. Talk about it being used long term!

4.  Step2 cascading sandbox

Does your child like the beach a lot? Then this is the perfect sandbox for them. The sandbox has both water and sand so the child can pretend they’re playing with sand on the beach. Also, the sandbox has a leg that means the child can play with it standing. It also has an added umbrella on the sandbox. When the sandbox is not in use the lid can be easily closed off.

5. Creative Cedar Design sandbox

If you are looking for a sandbox to accommodate a lot of children then this is perfect for you. It is made up of cedarwood which is weather resistant. It has a polystyrene strap which can be used to cover the box. It is reliable and will last you a lot of years.

6. Kid craft sandbox

The big square sandbox has a tent pitched on it. It can accommodate a lot of kids and even adults can sit with them to play. It is easy to make and would look classy in any backyard. It has two buckets on the side which can be used to put water in the sand. The buckets are removable and can be easily filled and emptied. 

7. Step 2 Dino sandbox

This is the perfect sandbox for kids who enjoy the beach and also like dinosaurs. The table has two spaces in which there is one section for water and other for sand.  The dinosaurs on the sand side can have them imagining and playing. The mountain in the sand section can also erupt water volcanoes. It is big enough to accommodate a lot of children and even adults can play with them.

The sandbox is a great way to help the children learn and develop their motor skills. Also, this will move the children to get away from the screen and give them plenty of physical activity.