The options a professional cleaning service might offer

The options a professional cleaning service might offer

There are a lot of professional cleaning companies offering their services and promising they are the best at what they do nowadays. Search online for ‘rug cleaning, Toronto’ and you will get pages of results. One of the ways you can sort out who to use is to look at the services they offer. Cleaning companies do not just offer regular home cleaning, they often have several areas of cleaning expertise so you just need to find one you like that offers the service you need. It is a great way to get something cleaner than you can at home, in a safe manner, leaving you to do other things. Here is a look at some of the services you might see.

Specialized types of cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning – your carpets see a lot of use probably and overtime just vacuuming is not enough to keep them clean. With a good carpet cleaning, you can remove a lot of contaminants from the air in your home too.
  • Office cleaning – as well as the typical domestic cleaning many offer office cleaning services too, from cleaning the washrooms and desks, windows and floors to keeping the office kitchen clean.
  • Mattress cleaning – calling a mattress cleaning Ajax based service is a good way to get rid of all that dander, possible critters and bacteria thriving right where you sleep! Get a much better night’s sleep when you keep your mattresses clean.
  • Window cleaning – you can have them do inside as well as outside if you want. Cleaning windows is hard physical work and sometimes we avoid it for a while because of that. Call in professional services and they can be the ones to get all your windows, home and office, sparkling clean.
  • Party cleaning – that mad few days you spend before hosting a party cleaning everywhere and then all that clean up after the event do not have to be done by you. Many cleaning services will come out and do a good clean before so your guests will be impressed, and then help with the chaos after.
  • Rug cleaningrug cleaning Toronto specialists can be hired to clean any rugs you have at home or work. Regular rugs or delicate oriental rugs, or any other type, they know what methods are suitable and what will cause damage.
  • End of tenancy cleaning – tired from moving and have not got the strength or energy to do a proper clean when you are moving out? Some cleaning services offer an end of tenancy clean service which is essentially a deep clean of the space when you move out. It is the best way to get all of your deposit back.
  • Upholstery cleaning – your furniture upholstery and curtains should be cleaned once or twice a year and a cleaning service can handle that for you.


A lot of people think of domestic cleaning when talking about a cleaning service and while that is one of the services they offer, there are many others. Whether you need mattress cleaning Ajax based professionals, help with your washing and ironing, or help with something else, you will find a service that can help!


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