The Different Types of Bathroom Sinks Explained

If you’re redesigning your bathroom or starting a new one from scratch, there’s no question that the bathroom sink will be one of the biggest-impact elements in the room.

Whether you’re washing your hands or cleaning up after a long day, sinks are a go-to source of comfort, cleanliness, and sometimes elegance. If you’ve never thought about how the perfect type of bathroom sink can change your relationship to your bathroom routines, today’s the day to start.

Are you looking for a simple, minimalist look? Or something that evokes the shapes of nature? Or maybe something with a small footprint so the bathroom will feel more spacious?

Whatever your bathroom sink needs are, a thoughtful approach to the choice of sink can make a huge difference in the decision process. To know what you like, you first have to know what’s out there. And we’re here to help!

Here are some of the most common types of bathroom sinks.

Pedestal Sinks

This is a type of sink that can look very luxurious and elegant in the bathroom. Whatever look you end up going for, a pedestal sink will bring more attention to itself than other types of bathroom sinks.

These sinks are best for bathrooms with a lot of space since the sink stand itself will take up some space without offering you storage options. But with a look this elegant, who can complain?

Wall-Mount Sinks

If you want to save space in the bathroom, you might be interested in a wall-mount sink. For a more extreme space-saving option, you can even look into corner-mount sinks, which are like wall-mount sinks but are built to attach to two connecting walls in the corner.

Wall-mount sinks can look very elegant since they seem to hover in the air, unsupported by a counter or set of cabinets underneath.

These might look great in a minimalist bathroom interior since they’re just a spot of color (usually white or black) against the floor and wall. The negative space underneath and around the sink itself can make your bathroom feel light, airy, and clean.

Undermount Sinks

Another elegant way to make your sink look more like a natural part of the rest of your bathroom items is to go with an under-mount sink.

These look like they’re carved right into the countertop. They’re mounted under the surface of the countertop, meaning they don’t have any elements at or above the counter surface.

An under-mount sink will take up less visual real estate than other sink shapes, making it another nice option for minimalist bathrooms.

Drop-in Sinks: One of the Most Common Types of Bathroom Sinks

Also called top-mount sinks, these are some of the most popular sinks out there. They have a rim that extends over the top of the counter, which is great for keeping water in the basin.

These might be a little harder to clean, though. You’ll need to wipe down the rim, while you can use running water for the basin. Other sinks without rims, like under-mount sinks, just need some running water and scrubbing from time to time.

Trough Sinks

Though the name of this sink type might make you think of farm animals, trough sinks are a chic design that will give your bathroom an artsy feel.

Trough sinks are usually much larger than other kinds of bathroom sinks, meaning they’re best suited for big bathroom spaces. Even if it’s not super deep, it’ll likely be quite wide, often with multiple faucets. For an extra elegant look, you can go with a granite look or concrete materials—as long as you know the ins and outs of proper concrete sink care.

The spacious basins of trough sinks give off a luxurious air. You can move your arms around freely inside without feeling like you’re going to bump into the edges of the sink.

These sinks are also nice for any hobbyist who needs to use their bathroom sink for projects, like washing paintbrushes or giving plants a bath. Trough sinks will give you plenty of space to try whatever your heart desires.

Vessel Sinks

If you’re going for a luxurious look and want a sink that looks like an art sculpture, vessel sinks might be the perfect type for you.

These sinks look like large bowls or basins sitting on top of the counter rather than built underneath it. Unlike a top-mount sink, vessel sinks are completely above the countertop, meaning their lowest point is still above the counter’s surface.

Vessel sinks are often paired with unique faucet designs that correspond to the aesthetics of the sink basin. And the basin itself can be round, oval, rectangular, or even a natural-looking wavy design.

If you’ll be using your bathroom sink often for skincare routines, vessel sinks can be nice because they’ll usually be somewhat higher up than other bathroom sink types. You can save yourself the struggle of bending down low every time you need to wash your face.

Console Sinks

If you’re having trouble weighing the pros and cons of wall-mounted sinks vs. pedestal sinks, console sinks might be right for you. They’re a little more space-saving than pedestal sinks, but they provide the support and potentially easier installation that a wall-mounted sink often lacks.

These sinks are usually supported by the wall, but they will also stand on two or four thin legs connected in a simple rectangular pattern. The legs will likely be a metal material, but you can also get them in a black or wood-color finish. And the basin itself is, in most cases, classic white porcelain.

Letting It All Sink In

Getting the perfect bathroom sink can be a challenging decision process, but knowing what types of bathroom sinks are out there will make things easier. So take the time to think about what you’re looking for in a sink and what kind of aesthetic you’re going for.

Then, when you’ve settled on the perfect one, go for it! You’d be surprised at how much of an impact a nice bathroom sink can make on your day-to-day life.

And for more excellent interior design ideas for your home, check out the rest of our blog!

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