Home’s Foundation And How To Get It Repaired

The Causes Of Leaks In Your Home’s Foundation And How To Get It Repaired

Leakage is a common problem in the construction industry. However, the causes of construction leaks are often not obvious. The origin of the leak can be from any number of systems, such as a broken pipe or a leaky valve in the water supply or sewage system. The masonry foundation is most likely to experience leaks when built for a standard width concrete foundation. Leaks happen because the standard concrete width is about 1.5 feet. The foundation walls are typically about 2 feet wider than the concrete walls.

Most Common Causes Of Foundation Leaks In Residential Properties

Water Damage

Water damage can also occur during the construction of a home. Water damage can occur from the weather, such as rain, snow, or freezing temperatures. Occasionally, water damage can also arise from the soil. Water can seep into the structure from the ground or from the soil itself.

A common cause of water damage is the failure of a plumbing system. In addition to plumbing leaks, other systems involved in constructing the foundation could be at risk of water damage. 

Water leaks can occur due to leaks in the plumbing system, such as leaky pipes, leaky drains, or a broken faucet. Water can also leak through the foundation wall due to broken ground, through the soil. Foundation leaks can occur due to the following:


This pressure is most likely to happen in the foundation walls contractors installed for a standard concrete length. The water that has gathered inside the walls causes pressure.

Water (gases, water vapor, water vapor condensation) Inside The Walls  

This can happen inside the walls due to excessive humidity or a leak formed in the concrete walls. Water that leaks into the concrete walls: This can happen due to over-saturation of the soil or the concrete walls having a defective seal. Debris, water, or water vapor can also cause leaks. This type of leak can be from the water that collects due to water vapor condensation in the walls.

Heavy Rain

Due to a combination of the factors, rainstorms cause excessive moisture. Homeowners may experience intrusion near chimneys or around windows. Water that enters the concrete walls due to a leak: This can happen due to debris, water, or water vapor. A partial leak can cause the foundation walls to swell. Swelling is an extremely rare occurrence, but it can happen during the foundation walls’ installation or even during the foundation walls’ construction.


During a foundation leak, the concrete walls can expand. The expansion can cause the mortar joints between the foundation walls to crack. This can also lead to moisture penetration. However, the only way to fix a foundation leak is to drain the solution out of the hole. Accomplish this by using a drain as well as a water hose.


Erosion is also a common problem that can cause foundation problems during the construction of a house. Deterioration can occur due to rain, snow, or other conditions that cut off the soil. As a result of erosion, the earth can become too wet, impairing the soil’s natural ability to hold water.

Bad Piping

Piping can also cause problems during the construction of a home. If you have not done it correctly, the pipe can work loose and break, causing a leak. If you are building a house, you should know the ins and outs of the pipe system. It is best to buy the correct pipe, because the more you know, the easier it will be to avoid construction problems.

Piping can be a problem in the following areas:

  • Under the foundation or foundation board.
  • In the basement or other underground areas.
  • In the crawl space in the garage.
  • In the garage on the top of the garage.
  • In the crawl space in the garage to the roof.
  • In the crawl space under the deck in the backyard.
  • In the attic.
  • In the attic under the roof.
  • In the attic under the garage.

How to Identify Leaks in a Foundation

The best way to reduce the risk of foundation leaks is to properly seal the concrete walls. 

Professionals can repair it at a fraction of the expense of replacing the entire foundation, which may be the only option that will prevent the problem from happening in the first place.

Even a leak in the foundation is crucial to the structure of a home. It is the foundation that holds everything together. If the foundation suffers considerable damage, the house can fall apart.

Before fixing any foundation issue, you must determine if a leak has occurred. If a leak has occurred, it is crucial to isolate the damage to the foundation. The best way to do this is to perform a structural analysis that includes determining the foundation’s location. This analysis will determine where the leak lies in the structure.

Next you must determine whether the foundation is currently leaking. This step requires a lot of judgment and research, but it can save you money and time. A leak on the foundation will cost you a significant amount of money over the home’s lifespan. Furthermore, a leak on the foundation can cause the house to collapse. This is why you must identify the foundation leak’s location before you fix it.

Steps to Fix a Leak in the Foundation

Step 1: Identify the location of the foundation leak

In the first step of the analysis, locate the leak in the foundation. If this is a new leak, you can identify the location easily. If the leak is old from the foundation, mold remediation nashville Company will need to find the area in the hull of the house.

Step 2: Determine the type of foundation

The type of foundation is a crucial part of any home repair project. If the foundation is a single-layer foundation, the source of the leak is in the foundation. If the foundation is a multilayer foundation, the leak’s origin is in the walls, flooring, and ceilings.

Step 3: Determine the options available to address the leak

Leaky pipes, and other plumbing issues pose a threat to your health and safety, as well as to the safety of your neighbors. That’s why the best option is to hire a leak detection company. Homeowners often hire them for their leak detection technology, and the cost can be quite affordable. They ensure the quickest and most effective response to any plumbing emergency. With a high-performance water detection system, professionals can spot the sources of leaks and restore your property quickly and effectively.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Leak Detection Company?

Having a professional is the best way to minimize the amount of time needed to find and fix a leak. Evans Leak Detection Company will provide excellent services to repair your home in no time. I’ve hired a leak detection company on a few occasions, and they’ve helped me immensely. These experts can even tell you what materials will fix the problem permanently.


  • Precision. Leak detection detects the exact location of the leak quickly.
  • It’s non-destructive. Accuracy allows you to avoid additional damages.
  • It’s can be very affordable.


New foundation company prices can’t compare. The cost of hiring a leak detection company is between $150 and $1,000. Homeowners typically pay $350 on average, while building a brand-new foundation typically costs $8,421. The sooner you check your home for leaks, the more quickly you’ll avoid unmanageable losses.

Whether your home needs emergency restoration or mold removal, contact an experienced and knowledgeable company for a thorough inspection and professional leak detection. Whether your home needs routine monitoring or emergency services, contact a professional leak detection service for expert guidance and expert results. A leak detection company such as Evans Leak Detection Company offers various services to address every type of water issue with eco-friendly, state-of-the-art techniques. 

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