The Best Home Improvement & Remodeling Ideas to Increase Home Value

Home and property owners have multiple reasons for remodeling or improving their homes. Increasing the home’s market value is one of the main reasons most property owners consider home improvement and remodeling.

 There are also property and homeowners who opt to remodel their living spaces to update the property’s features, enhance returns on investments, or avoid the hassles of shopping for a new home. Whatever your reasons for home remodeling or improvement, here are ideas of the changes you might make to your home to increase its value. 

Going Green with Energy Efficient Windows

The world is increasingly becoming environmentally conscious. Governments, corporates, and individuals alike are embracing energy-saving and energy-efficient technologies to reduce the carbon footprint. Most home buyers are, therefore, hitting the property market with a particular focus on energy efficiency. 

Your property’s single-pane windows might become the deal-breaker to prospective buyers. Installing energy-efficient windows results in energy and heating savings of up to $500 a year. Energy-saving windows might cost most more than their non-energy saving counterparts. 

Nevertheless, you can recoup between 60%-90% of the cost of energy-saving windows during their lifetime use. Besides saving money, you should also consider installing energy-saving windows if you want to enjoy increased comfort during extreme winter weather.

Remodeling and Upgrading the Kitchen

Yes, remodeling a kitchen might be a costly affair. But, before jumping to that conclusion, you should realize that the amount of cash that will go into your kitchen remodeling project will be determined by the changes you want to make. That said, you should note that fewer and minor changes will cost you a lot less when compared to an entire remodel of the kitchen. 

You should prioritize eliminating any inconvenience and focus on improving functionality when upgrading and remodeling your kitchen. You can do this by updating an awkward or old-fashioned kitchen layout. Upgrading deteriorating materials such as floorboards and countertops also help increase your kitchen’s functionality. 

You might not know this, but upgrading and remodeling your kitchen can help you increase energy and water-saving— something that will increase your home’s overall value. 

Swap Out Bathroom Fixtures Then Add a New Bathroom

You can increase your home’s value by swapping out bathroom fixtures then replacing them with new ones. Don’t just replace the old bathroom fixtures with new ones. You can get a little creative here. Consider adding medicine cabinets, mirrors, sinks, and lighting if the available space can support these additional fittings. 

Adding a new energy-efficient bathroom with a different style can reduce water wastage and increase your home’s market value. A renovated and an additional bathroom can appeal to prospective home buyers since they offer more utility. 

Remodeling the Attic and Basement

The attic is important because it helps control temperatures within a house and because home occupants can use it as a storage unit for all unused equipment or stuff. Therefore, it would help if you considered remodeling the attic by giving it a functional layout. Professionals should do the replacements to prevent structural damage to the attic or prevent the loss of the attic’s temperature insulating capabilities. 

Homes with basements appeal to many property buyers for several reasons, the most popular being more space for storage, providing separate living quarters, privacy, and more space for hobbies. Remodeling your house’s basement to give it more room by incorporating a functional design, open layout, and the addition of fixtures can allow your house to get a mouth-watering price tag. 

Adding A Deck

Besides energy efficiency, most home owners also prioritize the functionality of their living space’s design. Knowing this, you can invest in the addition of a deck to your house. Decking adds functionality, and it also complements outdoor living throughout the seasons of the year. 

Prospective homebuyers who might have kids or need additional livable space prefer homes with a decking. This is because the decks provide livable new spaces where family members and friends can work, play, or enjoy quality time together. You should also prioritize adding a deck to you house if you want it to increase your house’s aesthetic quality. 

There you have it! All the expert details that you need to know according to the SOD Home Group – Remodeling and Home Design . Feel free to implement and share your feedback. 

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