The benefits of using a glass vessel sink and some maintenance tips

When was it you noticed a vessel sink in a bathroom for the first time? It must have created a volley of emotions within you from that of a sheer surprise to joy to bewilderment. It is quite natural to feel that way as this design is so attractive. Even most of the interior designers, bathroom remodelers, and contractors cannot stop themselves from gushing about this choice. The one reason behind this can be the budget. If you cannot afford a full bathroom overhaul due to the amount of money required for such projects, you can take small steps to work your way up.

Begin with little changes, and eventually, when you finish them one by one, you will realize how your bathroom has entirely changed for better. Like many others, you can get on a remodeling journey with sink replacement. For getting positive attention, you can select a glass sink in the vessel style. It can prove as useful as your old ceramic sink, but its appeal can be matchless. Are you thinking of saying goodbye to your old bathroom sink? Then, you must read why glass vessel sinks can be the next best thing.

Why Buy a Glass Vessel sink?

The glass vessel sinks go through chemical and thermal treatments for long-lastingness and durability. These are generally tempered glass surfaces, which tend to be extremely safe. When damaged, these don’t become jagged. They turn into small granules that are less harmful or pose lesser risks. Also, with this material, you don’t have to deal with stains and odor so much. In essence, you can depend on this bathroom sink for a variety of factors.

Easy Installation

As compared to drop-in models, these sinks are quite convenient to install. You don’t have to create a hole for the sink. A small hole for the drain pipe can be adequate to get it smoothly fixed. Once you attach the bowl to the drain and position it correctly on the vanity, you are ready to go.

Comfortable Removal

Since it is a glass vessel sink, you don’t need to think twice before replacing it. If you are someone who enjoys updating the bathroom looks frequently, then this can seem to be the best fit for your needs. You have to remove the old vessel model with the new one by attaching it to the drain pipe. Also, it doesn’t have a pre-cut sinkhole. Due to this, you are also exempt from the worry of how to fit the new one. In a way, it becomes a more versatile and flexible option.

Attractive Looking

Anyone does remodel work to achieve either of two or a combination of both the goals – performance and appearance. While performance is a guarantee, you also don’t need to take any stress about the aesthetic appeal. The vessel design in the glass looks fabulous. Whether it is a clear or intricate patterned glass, you can bring any of them home to match the theme in your bathroom.  The addition of this model can help you create amazing reflections for a dramatic effect in the bathroom. You can expect it to create the same kind of impact that you witness in a magazine advertisement.

Ergonomic Design

In a small bathroom, space is always an issue. When you put a glass vessel sink on the counter, the design instantly imparts a feeling of spaciousness for being compact. If you pick a clear color, then this can get more enhanced. Since the sink rests on the counter and not inside it, the bathroom can look larger. From the angle of personal comfort, it can be a good fit, especially for taller people who have to bend a bit more to access the sink. The glass sink vessel, located atop the counter, features a height that they can find extremely useful. By the same logic, it can be a bit inconvenient for shorter people, particularly kids.

Easy Maintenance

The non-porous and smooth surface of the glass makes it easy to maintain. Since it is slippery, dirt and grime find it difficult to stick to its cracks or crevices. With metal or pottery materials, the story is a bit different. And even if you notice something on it you can take any cleaning product available in your household to get rid of it. It wouldn’t be laborious. Just make sure the cleaning solution is gentle and soft. Otherwise, glass can lose its original shine. Anyway, it is not a challenging job as such. If you still feel you should know more about a safe cleaning experience with this, you can follow the tips given below.

How to Keep the Glass Vessel Sink Clean?

Some places suffer from the issue of hard water that leaves behind white spots on the sink. For getting rid of this, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water or lemon juice and water in a 50:50 ratio. Store this in a spray bottle and sprinkle the same on the white marks. Leave the area for ten minutes to clean it with soapy water. If the deposits are stubborn, it can take a longer waiting time. Some people add baking powder to vinegar for doing away with the stains. But some advise you to apply it only after you have treated the sink with vinegar or lemon juice.

If you don’t want to face the cleaning hassle with your beautiful glass vessel choice, it’s best to follow preventive measures. For example, you can try to keep your sink dry after every use. Just wipe the surface with a soft cloth. Doing it once a day can be enough, even if you have a large family.

Hence, you can see that it is not a demanding plumbing fixture as such. If you desire to give your bathroom a fresh twist, you can opt for a glass vessel sink. Its effortless look and functionality can give you the much-desired relief that you have been searching for through your bathroom revamping initiative. Just make sure you trust only branded options.

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