The Benefits Of Having Impact Windows When You Live In Florida

Living along the Atlantic Coast or Gulf has many different benefits, and coast living is beautiful. However, hurricane season presents a problem that causes disaster and problems along the coasts. There is also a danger of an intruder trying to break your windows to get into your home or a rowdy group of kids throwing rocks or balls around your yard.

Impact windows can be your first line of defense and a good solution for your home or commercial property’s safety. Good impact windows improve your home’s value, help with utility costs, and may even drop the cost of your home insurance.

Why Do You Need Impact Windows?

After a hurricane disaster, have you seen the news photos of possessions, furniture, and household contents being sucked through windows during a hurricane? Weather phenomena like tornadoes, hurricanes, or high straight-line winds can cause extreme damage to your home if your windows are not high impact glass.

A wind event causes windows to be breached, and non-impact windows cannot stand up to weather, wind, and projectiles. Ineffective, non-impact windows can be the line between keeping your family and home safe from weather disasters.

The International Hurricane Protection Association states that when high winds break windows and whorl inside a home, the roof and the home’s structure will not survive. Pressure build-up causes your roof and structure to separate, and your home is destroyed in just a matter of minutes.

It is not usually the wind that breaks windows, but the debris picked up by winds and thrown at windows. Not only does weather phenomenon cause broken glass and property damage, but weak non-impact windows also create other problems for home and property owners. Using non-impact windows can be the major components for higher noise levels, higher insurance premiums, and lower resale value. Also, you have less UV protection for your items in the home.

To keep debris from ruining your home, it only makes sense to use replacement windows In Tampa Florida. The money you save during wind and rain events will pay for the cost of replacement windows.

What Are Impact Windows?

Strong and durable impact windows protect your home. Because of new window technology, impact windows can be installed easily and create a worry-free environment for a family.

Using this type of window is sensible. Impact windows are tested repeatedly to ensure that the windows will not break or compromise your home’s steadfastness during a weather event.

Impact glass is not a new concept. It was first invented in the 1930s when clear and tough materials were needed for automobile windshields. Recently, laminated glass has grown in popularity because it protects and safeguards your property against strong wind impacts. South Florida building codes require the property to use impact-resistant glass in outside windows when remodeling. New home buildings are required to use impact glass. The use of this type of glass has reduced the amount of damage caused by hurricanes, lowered insurance costs, and protected lives.

Impact windows are manufactured to stop the penetration of flying debris. They protect your home or property from wind infiltration and the resulting damages. Once a window is broken and flying debris enters the property, internal pressure builds up, leading to serious structural damage.

Impact windows use a strong frame and glass to withstand winds that can reach up to 200 mph. One type of impact-resistant window uses a clear film placed on both sides of the window. The film keeps the glass together, and the glass will not shatter. The material used for the film has been updated in the past few years. It is now a popular way of manufacturing impact windows in South Florida.

Another type of impact window and the most popular method is inner-membrane technology. Two slabs of glass are pressed against each other, and a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is installed between them. The PVB material is a clear rubber-like material and acts as a strong adhesive. The membrane keeps the glass intact and together if there are high winds that could cause possible glass damage.

Look for The International Building Code’s seal of approval when purchasing and installing high impact windows. High impact windows follow the following safety standards:


The laminated glass used in high impact windows gives a layer of 24/7 protection. Impact-resistant windows will not allow the glass to be broken by debris or even hammers or other tools used by intruders.

Energy Costs

Impact windows have different glass options. Depending on the types of glass you chose, energy efficiency increases because less energy is needed to heat or cool your home.

The most cost-effective impact window coating treatment is a laminated glass that has been tinted. Insulated or tinted glass with an LoE coating delivers more high energy savings. Both options – tinted laminated glass and insulated laminated glass – cost a bit more. Still, they are worth the cost when protecting your home from weather phenomena. Builders are encouraged to use these types of impact windows in Hawaii, along the Gulf, Pacific, Atlantic coastlines, and replacement windows In Tampa Florida.

Insurance Costs

Installing impact or hurricane resistant windows will lower property insurance costs. The insurance company will consider whether or not you have impact windows, especially when you live in weather-prone disaster areas.

UV Ray Reduction

Reports and studies prove that laminated impact glass causes up to 99 percent reduction of UV ray damage to the interior of your home or property. Avoid the fading, fabric, and paint degradation by installing impact-resistant windows.

Resale Value

Using better windows like impact windows will give your home a better resale value. Good windows or impact windows are one of the most requested features by buyers.

Sound Reduction

Outside noise into the interior of your home or property is annoying. Laminated impact glass can reduce this outside noise and lead to a better and quieter environment. New construction often chooses and installs impact windows to help with sound reduction, UV ray reduction, and lower energy costs.

When choosing your replacement windows In Tampa Florida, choose impact glass. You will be more secure in the case of a hurricane, a break-in, or other accidental glass damage. 


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