Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, and Hurricane Impact Glass: How These Are Differ From One Another?

If you are thinking of upgrading your home or office space, you must be concerned about so many issues. Decorating with glass is a very smart and upgraded trend. You may want to follow the trend. Besides, you will have to think about the safety issue as well when it is a process with glass. In that case, you will have to choose the safety glasses for interior up-gradation. These will take good care to provide an outstanding look and ensure safety as well.  

However, two very common types of safety glasses are tempered glass and laminated glass. Also, there is a glass type for safety that is hurricane impact glass. You can prefer glass for some doors and windows. You may face a problem to choose the right one for you. In this article, you will get a very specific overview of all types of glasses. You will be able to compare from every perspective. 

Let us know first! 

What is Safety Glass & Why We Need It?

Safety glass is a type of glass that goes through a special manufacturing process. This process makes the glass sheets less prone to break. The design follows such rules and regulations that these are less likely to cause accidents or harmful incidences. There are many ways to make safety glass. In every process, the manufacturers follow the thumb rules to ensure safety. Moreover, to avoid injuries and unintentional incidences people use safety glasses at home or commercial space construction. These glasses are very popular use in hospitals also.

Difference in Features

Before knowing the differences in features, you must know what tempered and laminated glass is. Both are safety glasses but have some differences. If you want a formal straightforward definition along with the features, here it is:

  • What is Tempered Glass?

It is a piece of ordinary or annealed glass. It gets the safety properties from the gradual heating and quick cooling manufacturing process. This procedure is “tempering”. The main formula of this process is heating the glass sheet and immediately cooling it down. This quick cooling down of the extremely hot glass makes the glass outside harder compared to the center. It leaves the glass center insufficient tension to make the glass stronger and durable than any ordinary glass.  

This glass can be around four times stronger than any ordinary glass having the same dimension. Some other important functional benefits are

  • More stretchy as you can bend it easily without any breakage issue.
  • The glasses are perfectly wind-resistance
  • In the case of breakage, it shatters into very small rounded pieces rather than creating sharp glass edges. 
  • What is Laminated Glass?

This type of safety glass is manufactured by joining two or more glass panes together over a clear layer of plastic, or PVB. PVB means polyvinyl butyral. The glass panes can be ordinary glass or toughened glass. You can imagine it as creating a glass sandwich-like, “glass <plastic>glass”. Some laminated glass manufacturing processes follow multiple layering methods to make it more safe glass. 

Important glass features are:

    • You can use a clear or decorated plastic portion on laminated glass. 
    • This glass supports the transmission of UV radiation.
    • It is very supportive in making the space soundproof
    • In the case of breakage, the glass sticks to the plastic layer rather than falling and spreading to the floor.
  • What is Hurricane Impact Glass

If you are looking for a storm solution then this glass can help you. You can get your windows customized with your need for storm protection. In the manufacturing process, the glazing system makes up hurricane resistant glass to ensure home safety from strong wind flow. This glass is not shatterproof. However, in breakage, it will not send out the broken pieces flying out that may harm you.

Difference in Price

While you are comparing the glasses, cost also comes into the play spot. In a simple sentence, laminated glass is more costly than tempered type glass. It is because of the complex manufacturing process. Also, the materials are one of the facts for the expensiveness. The process also involves heating and pressure treatment. These processes are also liable to add extra costs than toughened and ordinary glass.

Tempered glass is also not cheap enough. It is at least more expensive than standard glass, but less costly than a laminated one. 

Difference in Uses

you can use tempering type glass in houses and commercial spaces for windows, doors, tabletops, glass shelves, also as a mirror. Laminated glass is also suitable for window or door use. For breakage-resistance, toughened glass is the first consideration. For UV-resistance, flexibility, sound considerations, and security, laminated glass is a good choice. Hurricane resistant glass is used in states like Florida where the chances of storms and high-intensity wind are too high. 

Differences in Energy Efficiency

The glasses are energy efficient. These can transmit natural lights to your space. So, you can save the electric bill. Also, you can add energy-efficient UV-resistant films and tints with the glasses. This will ensure safety along with an electric bill reduction!  In general, tempered glass is more energy-efficient for usual use.

Difference in Strength

Another dimension of comparison is their strength.  Strength is determined by the manufacturing process. Based on the manufacturing method, both are safety glass for home or commercial use. Though their strength differs from place to place, both consist of some unique ways of protection. Laminated glass gets stuck with the middle layer when breakage; on the other hand, tempered glass makes small scattered pieces. Both can prevent the dangers of accidents. However, laminated glass is not as strong as a toughened glass. However, the positives side is, you can cut its edges and polish after the laminating process.

Moreover, the pressure, heating, and the chemical process add extra strength to those glasses. That’s why these are stronger than standard glass. 

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