Summer 2020 Hair Color Trends


Hair is a significant part of every person’s personality. With dyes in the game, every season is about a different color and a new look. 


The summer of 2020 is different because of the COVID situation. You won’t get the chance to go to the parlor often; hence hair experts suggest going to a tone you can grow out. For instance, if you have dark brown shaded hair dying hair brunette is preferable. This way, you won’t have to touch up your roots often, and the brunette will blend in beautifully. 

On the other hand, celebrity hairstylists are going for complete hair changes this season.  Emily Ratajkowski did a 360 change; she went from having brunette hair to entirely blonde. Similarly, Kim K went from having raven hair to cherry-red hair. 


If you don’t want to go on these two extremes, we have some hair dyes which meet in the middle. 


  1. Sandalwood stripes 

This dye is preferable for people who have thick volume hair. The light stripes in the dark-colored hair give dimension to the hair and highlight the hair’s natural texture.  


  1. Pink 

By pick, we don’t mean neon; we are more bent towards the pastel pink. The pastel pink looks good on everyone, and you won’t feel like your hair is a mess as you go through the stages of washing the dye out—a non-aggressive fashion color. 


  1. Melted chocolate 

This is a perfect dye for all the brown-haired women. It will give you a natural look while bringing the slight change you desire. Ask your hairdresser to give you some highlights around your face. To make them shiny, get hair glossing treatment done. 


  1. Glowing apricot 

Did you have raven hair which has gone dull? If you want to add life to it again, go for a bright sunny shade, your hair will be all about summer vibes. The perfect way to get this is to ask you a hairstylist for a light auburn shade dye.  


  1. Gold caramel 

It is a popular dye this summer. It is all about a subtle burst of brightness in such a way that it doesn’t look odd while growing out. The stain is somewhat like a chocolate brown base with a few pop of caramel hair. 


We hope these pointers will help you choose the perfect dye that you can rock all summer long. 

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