Staying Classy and Cool: 9 Advantages of Geometric Pool Designs

There are more than 10 million residential swimming pools across the United States. These are the perfect spots to get fit, cool off in summer, and splash about with your kids. 

But did you know that each year people in America spend an average of $27,000 on their pools? A huge part of this cost includes swimming pool renovations. 


If you’re thinking of installing a pool or want to give yours a new look, then you need some pool inspiration! Well, why not consider geometric pool designs? 

Simple, clean lines are the perfect way to design a pool that will stand the test of time. Read on to find out nine reasons why geometric pool shapes are the way to go!

Geometric Pool Designs Keep Things Simple and Stylish 

We’ve all seen articles on the internet with titles like “10 of the Most 80s Home Designs Your Ever Seen”. The last thing you want is for your renovation to end up on one of these!

Fortunately, the simple and stylish use of lines in unique geometric pools means they’ll stand the test of time. This means whether you live with your pool for five years or fifty, you’ll still enjoy the way it looks!

They’re Easy to Clean

Style isn’t everything. Pool shapes that use straight lines are also a lot easier to clean so they’ll look neater for longer. 

Pools with curves or tight corners often take a lot longer to clean and may require hand cleaning. This also means that keeping your pool clean will cost less with geometric pool design.

They’re Cheaper to Design and Build 

Pool renovation can be an expensive business. Fortunately, opting for geometric pool shapes is a great way to make something impressive without it cost the earth. 

This is because building a pool using straight lines is quicker and cheaper than creating custom-made molds. This means that even if you go for a complex design, your pool will be much cheaper to build and install than one with curved or irregular edges.

If you want to use tiling in your pool then this will also be a lot cheaper in a pool with straight edges and corners.

Geometric Shapes Make Garden Landscaping Easier

The pool design ideas that you choose affect the whole of your outdoor space. So it’s worth thinking about this before you design yours. For example, if you want to install decking or a guard around your pool, this will be cheaper if you go for a geometric shape.

Having a geometric shaped pool also creates lines that you can follow for the rest of your landscape design. So if you’re looking for a neat, stylish garden, a geometric pool will complement this perfectly.

You Can Update Your Pool Design Easily

If you do want to add little details to your pool design over the years, it’s easy to do this with a geometric pool. For example, you could install seating in the water or extra steps. This will be much simpler and easier to do if your pool design uses straight lines.

It’s also much easier to extend a geometric pool than a freeform design, so if you decide you want more space to swim you’ll be able to do this.

Geometric Pools Are Nice to Look At

There is a real beauty to simplicity and symmetry. Designing a geometric pool is a great way to draw the eye of the person looking at it to something in particular. 

In contrast, freeform pool designs can feel a little messy if they aren’t done well. You might find that there’s too much going on and will feel a lot calmer with a geometric design.

It’s Easier to Buy Pool Covers

To keep your pool in good condition all year round you should really install a pool cover for it. This will stop your pool filters from getting clogged with dirt or leaves and will save you a lot of money in pool maintenance fees.

Depending on your pool design you may need to get a custom-made cover to fit your pool. This can be a little expensive, however, custom-made covers for freeform pools are a lot more expensive.

You Can Light Them Evenly

Having an evenly shaped pool design, or one that uses straight lines at least makes it a lot easier to light your pool evenly. You’ll be able to position your lights symmetrically, which makes for a lovely finish on your pool. 

But having decent lighting in your pool isn’t just about aesthetics. Being able to see the whole thing also ensures that you’ll be able to spot any problems that might occur before they become serious. This could just be spotting dirty patches at the bottom of your tool or it might be noticing a split tile before it turns into a crack.

They’re Easier to Swim In

Pools aren’t just there to look good, they should also be enjoyed regularly. Otherwise, you’ve paid a lot for a water feature!

Because of this, it’s worth thinking about the practicality of your pool shape before you install it. Freeform pools can look great, especially in natural settings, however, they actually give you less room to swim. 

For example, doing backstroke or installing a diving board is much easier in a geometric pool. So if you’re serious about your swimming, this is the way to go.

Create Your Dream Pool Today!

As you can see, if you’re looking for a stylish swimming pool that will last geometric pool designs are the answer! To get started on your home renovations, get in touch today. We’re here to help!

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