Standard Hospitality Expectations For Your Vacation Rental Guests

In the vacation industry, hospitality is king, especially by way of accommodations. The vacation industry and expectations of travelers have shifted tremendously. Of course, guests still want the top of the line treatment but as far as what people look for in accommodations… There’s definitely been in transition in needs, wants, and expectations.

In the past, people would flock to hotels… and they still do! But since the emergence of accommodation sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, and Vrbo, people are wanting to experience more of a home away from home feel from accommodations while on vacation.


Now, that’s not saying that people have stopped staying in hotels, but some people have opted out of some of the most luxurious hotel chains in the world just to stay in a cozy vacation rental home.

So what is it about vacation rentals that are more attractive than hotels? Well, there’s no true and definite answer to that question because it ultimately depends on the person and the purpose of the trip. 

With hotels, you get the luxury of room service and room cleaning service; With vacation rentals, you get the luxury of privacy. So it all depends on what aspects of both are at the top of your priorities list for your trip. But either way, you look at it, there’s no denying the fact that vacation rental management is definitely one of the most lucrative ones around.
That reason alone is why so many people are considering getting their piece of the vacation rental pie!

The process seems simple enough, right? Find a home you like, renovate/decorate it how you like, and rent it out to vacationing families at a rate that will generate passive income for you. Well, that’s essentially what you do… The biggest thing you’ll need to do in the beginning is to find the right rental loan company to finance your short-term rental property… and that’s the easy part!

It’s not until you start acquiring vacation guests on the regular that you begin the real work of becoming a property owner and manager! From maintaining the property to meeting guest expectations, you’ll have your work cut out for you, but the financial reward is totally worth it all.

To ensure you have a profitable short-term vacation rental, you need to meet and exceed your guests’ expectations every time by following these standard hospitality rules.

Standard Hospitality Expectations of Your Vacation Rental Guests

Your Rental Should Look Like and Have All Amenities Listed Online

This is the epitome of false advertisement. One of the biggest drawbacks of being a vacation rental owner is the preconceived notion some people have that you’re listing a vacation rental scam. This is an unfortunate occurrence but it’s happened to many people before, and with you having never listed a vacation property before, your first guest is going to shape the reputation of your rental property and the opinions of prospective guests.

You, of course, want to take as many pictures as you possibly can but make it a definite point to take pictures of the major focal points of your property that you listed to ensure future guests that your property has everything you listed. For example, if you listed a two-car garage, you need to take a picture of the garage showing that there is room for two cars inside.

Make the Rental Relaxing

When guests arrive at your property, they need to immediately see that they can come in and relax. You, of course, want to have comfortable yet stylish furniture, but there are other ways to put comfort on display as well. Have reading materials for your guests, leave instructions on how to access the wifi and streaming apps, have throw blankets readily available, and have aromatherapy candles in the bedrooms and bathrooms… It’s the little things that enhance their experience.

List Everything Your Guests Will Need to Bring

Every vacation rental is different and what each host provides is different as well, but whatever you provide for your guests, be sure to list it on your property listing and also provide a list of what guests may want to bring. 

This will help your guests know what to pack or buy and what they don’t need to worry about. This might sound minuscule but this is something that if you don’t do it, it can cause your rating to drop tremendously. You don’t want your guests wasting money on items you’ve already provided for them.

Make Sure Your Rental is Clean

If you can’t accommodate your guests in any other way, the least you can do is make sure your rental is spotless. From the ceilings fans down to the baseboards and floors, you don’t need to give your guests any reason to leave you any type of bad review. You can clean your rental yourself after each guest visit or hire a cleaning service to do it for you, and all you’d have to do is give the property a once over to make sure everything is clean and disinfected, amenities and toiletries are replenished, and everything is put back into place and ready for your next guests.

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