Simple Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Tips All Homeowners Must Know

Do you want to keep your garage door well-cared for? Are you looking to do some DIY garage door repair on a broken door? If you are, keep reading to learn more about how you can maintain and repair your garage door.

The garage is one of the most desirable features of a house. However, it can turn into an annoyance rather than a privilege to have one if the garage door breaks. Below, we’ve got some useful garage door repair tips for all homeowners who have a garage.

Garage Door Repair Tip: Keep a Close Eye on the Springs

Garage door springs need a lot of attention. They’re the most dangerous parts of the garage door. They also often need the most repairs, so keep an eye on them.

The springs act as a counterbalance to the weight of your garage door. Having broken springs can affect the lifespan of the whole garage door system. Also, if the springs of your garage door break, don’t operate or use the door.

On average, garage door repair costs can cost you between $125 and $290. Are you looking for high-quality and affordable garage door spring repair? Check out Garage Force to learn about some great garage repair deals.

Keep a Wood Door Painted and Finished Well

A lot of people still plan on buying cars despite the depression caused by the coronavirus. With the ongoing pandemic, a car can keep you isolated from others. In a study, half of the respondents said using a car gave them more control of their hygiene.

However, you have to remember that your garage also needs some maintenance. People with wooden garage doors can keep theirs healthy by putting a finish on it. If you want, you can paint the door first for a better aesthetic and a bit of added protection.

Don’t forget to paint both sides and not only outside. Painting only on one side keeps the other side of the wooden door exposed to moisture. This can cause the paint to peel and cost you another paint job.

Solution If Your Garage Door Doesn’t Open or Close All the Way

For our lost garage door repair tip, let’s discuss some opening and closing issues.

Many garage doors have a pair of photo eyes on either side of the door. They act as a safety feature that senses if something or someone is under the door. They won’t let the door close if they sense that something is blocking their signal. If your door isn’t closing all the way, try cleaning the photo eyes.

If your garage door isn’t opening all the way, check the track for an obstruction. Better yet, clean the whole track.

Take Care of Your Garage Door

And it will take care of you, or at the very least, your car. That ends our guide on a handful of quick garage door repair tricks. We hope the maintenance tips also help you out in the future.

Did you find this guide on DIY garage door repair useful? Do you want to learn more about keeping your garage in tip-top shape? Check out our other guides right now to get that information.

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