Signs That You Need To Replace Your Windows And Doors

Every home has them, and every home needs them, but not everyone knows the warning signs that it may be time to replace your older windows and doors. If you’ve been living in your home a long time you may feel like it’s time to consider replacing your older windows and doors, but how do you know when the time is right? 

You obviously would not want to spend money on replacing them unless they need it, as it can be quite a costly experience. So, here we have compiled a list of some of the top signs and reasons to think about replacing them, so read on to see if you think it’s time for a bit of home maintenance on your own windows and/or doors.


Faults And Security

One of the most important aspects of your windows and doors is the fact that they provide security for your home, and any faults in them can lead to unwanted insecurities. In fact, the experts from say that “home security is paramount, and strong windows and doors are your first and most important line of defense.” They are right, of course, so we recommend examining your windows and doors for any obvious faults. 

These faults could mean not locking correctly, no longer quite fitting into their frames perfectly, or obvious cracks and breaks in the panes or panels themselves. As soon as you see any kind of fault and do nothing about it, you are putting your home at risk. Consider immediately replacing your doors and windows to re-secure your home and peace of mind.


Another clear sign of a fault, which can lead to both security issues and dampness within your home, is condensation. First off, condensation doesn’t look nice on the inside of your window, and it certainly doesn’t feel nice waking up to chilly interiors! However, condensation can also lead to much more significant issues such as damp spreading into your paint, walls, and wallpaper. Once you have damp problems, your home can develop mold or structural faults. Mold can be bad for your health, as well, so as soon as you spot condensation on the inside of your windows, it’s probably time for repair or replacement.

Frame Decay or Damage

Window and door frames can be made of many materials these days. Though the classic in many cases is wood, there are also perspex and metal options available. Wood is especially prone to damage over long periods. Frames can chip, crack, mold, and decay over the lifespan of a home. If this is the case you may consider removing them and upgrading one of the more durable materials. 

This is a big job and can be quite the undertaking, so find yourself a local supplier who is able to do the job for you. Some offer free installation if you buy a full set of new frames and  Windows Bristol from them, so search for great deals before proceeding. With perspex and metal window and door frames, you are less likely to see decay, but should still take care to check them over regularly for any cracks, dents, or looseness.

Noise Levels

One sign that your doors or Windows may not be operating to their full potential is if you are noticing a lot of external noise in your home, even when they are shut. This could be a sign of damage to any of the materials, fixtures, or fittings of your panels, frames, handles, or glass. See if you can localize the noise to find out exactly which parts of the windows and doors are damaged, then seek replacements immediately. No one wants to be kept up all night by outdoor noise!

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Finally, and perhaps quite obviously, draft. A draft coming through a faulty doorframe, windowpane, or frame fitting can cause some annoyance and distress. When winter rolls in, and you are cranking up the heating, the last thing you need is to be battling the elements…indoors! Drafts can cause high levels of wasted energy and, therefore, money, and you’d quickly find yourself better off financially if you replace these windows or doors rather than spending more on heating. Your house is lined with insulation, and your window and door fittings should not be the weak points letting all the heat out.

Do you have any of these key signs? If so, we seriously recommend looking for a window and door specialist to visit your home and help your repair, replace, or simply assess your windows, doors, and their fittings. You won’t regret replacing them, especially when the weather turns cold.

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