Should You Choose Double-Glazed Doors and Windows for Your Sydney Home

Did you know that household energy prices in Australia increased by about 60% over the last decade? A recent report reveals that Sydney has an average electricity bill close to $390, which is relatively higher than the national average.

Merrily tanning under the warm Aussie sun can be alluring, but sweating inside your Sydney home, fearing for high AC bills, is not a great idea.  


What you need is a dynamic solution to keep a tab on your household energy expenses. Double-glazed windows by reputed window manufacturers in Sydney will precisely do the same by maintaining comfortable temperatures indoors. Here are a few top reasons to convince you to get these super protections for your Sydney home.

Energy Efficient

As per Australian Government reports, just like in other cities, 40% of the energy used in Sydney homes goes into powering heating and cooling devices.

The double-glazed windows and doors practically reduce heat losses and gains, thus reducing the need for electrical temperature control. They lock the cold air between the glass panels in summers and stop heat from escaping your home in winters.

This mechanism drastically reduces your power bill, making double-glazing quite an energy-efficient solution. 

Prevent Mould Growth

Sydney homes are particularly prone to dangerous mould growth due to high humidity. In severe conditions, these molds can trigger asthma attacks and lung infections. 

Condensation, the phenomenon where the humid air in the home interiors comes in contact with a colder surface, agitates mold growth.

The double-glazing on windows and doors reduces condensation by removing its leading cause, a cold opening. The interior glass pane tends to retain the room temperature, lower the condensation risk, and curb undesirable mold growth.

Offer an Excellent Noise Insulation

In recent times, Sydneysiders are facing sleepless days and nights. The city witnesses heavy, noisy traffic during the day and construction works like NBN, roadwork, and light rail line during the night.

A remarkable benefit of double-glazing is it successfully keeps noise at bay. The air gap allows these products to absorb more external noise than the standard openings.

Purchasing premium quality double-glazed openings from reputed window manufacturers in Sydney will guarantee you a sound sleep.

An Effective Safety Measure

Did you know that suburbs like Narwee and Erskine Park reported the highest burglaries and thefts in Sydney? 

Installing double-glazed doors and windows is an excellent way to bolster your home’s security and safety. These glasses are hard to break—requiring a great deal of ingenuity and physical strength—effectively avoiding the break-ins.

Offer Protection from Bushfires

Each year, like other Australian cities, Sydney also witnesses bushfires, with areas surrounding Greater Sydney being a primary concern.

With a changing environment, the country is seeing bushfires with greater intensity, leaving many families homeless. Instead of wooden alternatives, installing uPVC double-glazed openings is the best way to protect your home from the destructive bushfires. The double-glazing offers excellent heat resistance.

Last year, Sydney witnessed a record-breaking heatwave, exacerbating the city’s bushfire crises. With temperatures hitting a mark of over 40°C, it is advisable to get double-glazed doors and windows for your Sydney home. Consult a specialist and invest in the best quality product available in the market to lead a safe and secure life in The Emerald City.

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