Should You Buy Custom Built Homes

Are you searching for your dream home? Do you daydream about what the perfect home would be for you? 

Custom-built homes are a popular option for people when they’re ready to move into a forever home. However, there are some disadvantages that you should be aware of as well.

Keep reading to learn about different pros and cons of buying a custom-built home and decide for yourself if it’s the right choice for you.

Personalize Your Dream Home

The biggest benefit of a custom-built home is that you can make it any style and any size that you want. It’s a lot of fun to watch your custom built home to be built, as you can see in this post

You can decide how many rooms to have, if you want a ranch-style or multiple floors, and even the type of yard and landscaping. You can add as many luxurious amenities as you want.

Or, you can decide to go minimal and small. Custom-built tiny homes are growing in popularity right now. They give you a comfortable but small space that lets you focus your resources on other things in your life.

Incur More Initial Costs

One thing to remember though is just how much this custom built home cost. The more customizations you do, the more expensive it may be.

Different things affect the cost, including the lot you choose and the materials you select. However, in theory, spending more now at the beginning hopefully means you won’t be making changes down the road 

You may be able to save on some upfront costs with custom-built modular homes. Although they don’t allow the same level of customization, you will have many options to choose from to make it your own.

Another area you may save money is with maintenance. Because everything is new and of the highest quality, they should last longer and may even include lifetime warranties.

A More Energy Efficient Home

Designing your dream home specifically to be Energy Star Certified means you will use at least 10% less energy than a non-certified home.

This equates to thousands of dollars over the life of your home. 

Custom Built Homes Takes Longer

One disadvantage is that it takes longer to move into your home.

From the moment you make your decision to build a home to the day you can move in could take at least a year and maybe longer.

Disadvantages of Financing A Custom-Built Home

Another thing to consider is the difficulty of financing a custom-built home. You are often limited to an all-cash purchase, which many people can’t easily do.

You may have the option to do construction financing, but it can be tricky. You need to jump through more hoops than with traditional mortgages and it can take longer to approve. 

The Good and The Bad

Custom-built homes have a lot of advantages if personalization is high on your list and you don’t need to worry about time or finances. In the end, it all depends on what’s the right choice for you.

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