Rice Recipes You Can Make That are Perfect to Match Any Dishes

Rice has been consumed as food for thousands of years. In fact, historians theorize rice has been being eaten by human beings since at least 2500 B.C. Unsurprisingly considering the length of time rice has been being consumed, there is an almost infinite number of rice dishes one can make. Rice can be consumed as a dessert, the main meal, or a side dish; rice can be eaten at noon or night and is delicious and nutritious. The sheer number of rice dishes can be disorientating sometimes, especially if you are trying to find one to make.

In this article, we will hope to offer you a few rice recipes that you can make that are perfect to match with many dishes. On this page, we will offer you dinner, side, and dessert. If you are a fan of all things rice, you’ve found the right page.


Here are some rice recipes that you can make at home.


The first on our list is payasam, an ancient Indian dessert consumed by royalty and aristocracy. It is, in fact, the first rice pudding ever written down. The recipe was found in ancient manuscripts compiled by an Indian king who wanted to write an encyclopedia of all things royalty. Payasa can be made with a cup of short-grain rice, two cups of milk, a cup of grated jaggery goor, five crushed green cardamom pods, and a teaspoon of saffron threads. 

Combine the rice and milk and let it cook for fifteen minutes, stirring to ensure that the rice does not stick nor burn at the bottom of the pan. After fifteen minutes, combine the jaggery, saffron, and cardamom and let it cook until it has reached your desired consistency. The recipe calls for the pudding to be served wet, meaning it will not be of thick consistency as most rice puddings are. With that said, you can cook it down until it is thick if you should desire. Payasa is easy to make, quick, and absolutely delicious. It is a great dessert to pair with any meal.

Plain Rice with Seasoning

Simplifying slightly from our last recipe, the second of our list has to be plain rice. How could one write a page about rice pairings without mentioning rice served on its own as a side dish. There are so many variations of rice, from jasmine to basmati, short grain to brown. Each variation imparts its own flavor to the dish. Rice is a tasty side dish, and according to the cooking experts over at CorrieCooks.com, one that is quick and simple to cook. All you need is a pot, water, salt, and you’re ready to go. However, if you want to add some flavor to your rice and are not a fan of traditional rice, you can consider including cardamom pods, coriander, and bay leaves, as well as a dash of turmeric for color. 

These flavorings can bring a plain pot of rice to life and can make every single meal a taste adventure. If you really feel adventurous, why not include some cinnamon sticks? Cinnamon sticks are very popular in the Middle East, East Africa, and Asia. They are delicious with any pot of rice and can liven up an otherwise plain dish.



Biryani is a very popular dish throughout the Indian subcontinent and its diasporas. It is a dish that can be found in virtually every country throughout the world and is a combination of meat, spices, and rice. The rice used is typically basmati, although you can use other types of long grain rice. For biryani, one needs a combination of spices; cardamom pods; coriander powder; turmeric; cinnamon sticks; saffron; salt; pepper, and any additional spices you want to add in. 

You can start making biryani by frying mutton, beef, or chicken in vegetable oil. Take the juices, when fried, and combine with a cup of water to two cups of rice. Cook the rice in the water and seasonings, then when the water has evaporated, add in the meat and cook for a further ten to fifteen minutes. Biryani is often the main dish at family get-togethers and celebrations. Biryani is a delicious dish that is overlooked by westerners, but it is one that, if given a chance, will quickly become your favorite. Biryani can be made by anybody and needs very few utensils, just two pots and the ingredients listed here. There is a Somali variation on biryani, Bariis iskukaris, which is just as delicious.


We hope you enjoyed the read and that you learned a few rice recipes that are absolutely delicious and can be paired with anything. Enjoy cooking up the recipes listed here!

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